Vikas Gupta Lost 14 Kgs. He Looks Unrecognizable Now -


June 11, 2018

Vikas Gupta Lost 14 Kgs. He Looks Unrecognizable Now

Vikas Gupta had established a different identity of himself altogether in Bigg Boss 11. He had even earned the title of being “MASTERMIND”.
Not only did he play the game with wit, but he even won hearts with his simplicity and politeness. Now that Bigg Boss 11 is over, we are missing him too much.
Vikas Gupta is busy with some new projects and is trying hard to transform his looks. Well, he keeps us updated about each and everything on social media.
Recently, his focus is on his body. If you don’t know, let us tell you that Vikas Gupta has lost a whopping 14kgs and has surprised us with his transformation. Earlier, he was 92 kgs, but now, he’s 78 kgs.
This is how he used to look before;
And one more…
Now, he looks unrecognizable. He posted a pic of his new look on Instagram and we loved it;

Click here to watch the video directly on Instagram.
Here’s his before and after journey. Check it out;
Isn’t it amazing? He’s really worked hard on transforming himself. Don’t you feel so?

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