Ronaldo Fans Trolled Messi After He Misses A Penalty Kick Against Iceland -


June 18, 2018

Ronaldo Fans Trolled Messi After He Misses A Penalty Kick Against Iceland

There is always a debate between Ronaldo fans and Messi fans about “WHO IS BETTER?”. Ronaldo fans think that Ronaldo is GOAT while Messi fans think that Messi deserves to be called so. However, things seem to be changing in Ronaldo’s favor this FIFA World Cup.
Ronaldo showed a brilliant performance against Spain. He scored a penalty, scored a free-kick and completed a hat-trick.
On the other hand, in the match against Iceland, Messi missed a penalty on the 63rd minute and also missed free-kicks. Secondly, he didn’t even score. After his poor performance, Messi is getting roasted on Twitter by Ronaldo fans.
Many feel that Ronaldo is the GOAT and not Messi. You can watch the video of Ronaldo scoring a penalty here
And here’s how Messi missed a penalty;
Click here to watch the video of Messi missing penalty on YouTube. Watch from 1:20 to see how Messi missed Penalty.
And this is how fans trolled Messi…


Cristiano Ronaldo had 4 attempts ( Free Kick + Penalty) against Spain he converted 3.

Lionel Messi had 10 attempts (Free Kick + Penalty) against Iceland he converted 0.

Messi is the type of student you will give answers in an exam and he will still fail.


Cristiano out her scoring hat tricks and messi out here missing penalties, damn


So your GOAT failed to score a penalt against a part-time film editor managed by a dentist.



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Last night: Cristiano Ronaldo scores a hat-trick

Today: Leo Messi misses a penalty and fails to beat Iceland.


I woke up to see that Messi missed a penalty and Argentina tied with Iceland

And yall say Messi>>CR7 😂😂😂


Two glorious chances for Messi to beat Ronaldo's wonders - A penalty and a dead minute Freekick. Both flopped.

But the less interesting thing is that, one did wonders against a World Cup champion, and another again World Cup debutantes.

Who's the GOAT now?


No need to compare and worry just because of game draw hope Messi will learn from CR7 how to score penalty and free-kick in coming games? We all have seen to kick penalty is not easy that is also a art which shown by @Cristiano Ronaldo perfectly in yesterday game.



Cristiano Ronaldo vs Spain
✅ Scored a penalty
✅ Scored a free-kick
✅ Completed a hattrick

Lionel Messi vs Iceland
❌ Missed a penalty
❌ Missed several free-kicks
❌ Failed to score

This debate is surely going to get stronger day by day. It’s worth watching who justifies the title of GOAT this time.

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