Girl Took Bathroom Selfie. Trollers Saw Full Pic & Trolled Her For This Big Mistake -


June 4, 2018

Girl Took Bathroom Selfie. Trollers Saw Full Pic & Trolled Her For This Big Mistake

Nobody is untouched by the selfie and its obsession with the world. Not only youth but also people of all the ages can be seen taking selfies on various occasions. Selfies make its place in every vacation, outing, cultural event, wedding, school, college and sometimes even in the time of mourning.
Moreover, taking selfies aren’t enough, there is one more thing that completes the procedure of clicking a selfie. If someone takes a selfie then nothing can stop to share that selfie on the social media. Yes, sharing selfies on social media have become very important.
And once the picture especially selfie got uploaded on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, it invites a lot of backfires. As nothing can make the selfie perfect. The same has recently happened with a Twitter user @Paula1Sophia.
Check her bathroom selfie here:
Paula on believing her bathroom selfie quite hot shared it on Twitter and she gave an open ground to the trollers to troll her from right, left, and center. Even her hot booty, cute tongue stick-out, and perfect posture didn’t save her from being trolled.
Instead of focusing on Paula, twitteratis focused on the placement of the toilet paper and the charger wire that hung near commode weirdly.
Read how tweeps are trolling Paula for her pretty little things:




But y is ur toilet paper so far away from the toilet? Da fuck !! u gotta get up with shit in ur ass to clean it 😫 



You bad as shit but when you shittin do you have to duck walk to the roll of tp or do you just say fuck it and have a roll by your toilet sideπŸ€”πŸ€”





IF U SAID U HAVE A NIGGA STANDING WATCH JUST TO CLEAN YOUR ASS I WOULD DEFINITELY BELIEVE THAT, and I’m looking for employment if u need a man servant to give u the TPπŸ’―


So you got a charger next to the toilet, bar under the bowl & the tp is on the other side of the room πŸ€”


the toilet is charging, the tissue paper is 1,000ft away and behind that door is The Chronicles of Narnia.


LOL! I’m sure next time Paul will try her best to organize all her behind stuff on the place so she can avoid trolling.

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