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June 15, 2018

5 B-Town Celebs Who Got Hitched To Their Childhood Crush

5 B-Town Celebs Who Got Hitched To Their Childhood Crush
Love is magical and the magic can happen to anyone at any moment of time in life.  There is no age for love.  Age is just a number when it comes to falling in love.  There are people who fall in love at a very tender age and grew up to marry the same person.  Few of our B-Town celebs fall in that category.  There are few celeb figures who got hitched to their childhood crush.  Take a look at the celebs who tied a knot to their childhood love.
1- Shah Rukh Khan
King Khan saw his wife Gauri in his school days and fell head over heels in love with her.  They eventually liked each other and got married on October 25, 1991.  At first she took it light, but later SRK managed to win her heart.  Due to the religious difference, SRK suffered a lot to make her parents approve of their marriage, but in the end, they got happily married.
2- Hrithik Roshan
The blue-eyed Greek God of Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan’s love story is much familiar to many of his fans.  He fell in love with Sussanne Khan at a traffic signal.  However Sussanne says she knew Hrithik since their kindergarten days.  Though Hrithik took some time to propose, he later grabbed her hand for life as he couldn’t imagine anyone else as his wife.  He tied the knot in 2000 and is a father of two boys. However, the couple divorced for unknown reasons in 2013.  They both still maintain a healthy relationship and support each other in bad times.
3- Imran Khan
Imran Khan, the nephew of Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan fell in love with Avanthika Malik when he was just in his teens.  On her birthday he proposed her and they started dating.  They got hitched on January 10, 2011.
4- Fardeen Khan
Another love story that budded at a tender age is of Fardeen Khan and Natasha Madhvani.  Fardeen proposed to his girl on a flight from London to US.  Natasha couldn’t say no to his romantic proposal and they tied the knot on December, 2005.
5- Zayed Khan
Zayed Khan married his childhood buddy Malaika Parekh.  They both knew each other since their childhood days and admired each other’s likes and dislikes.  They are now a happily married couple.  They got married in 2005.

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