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June 11, 2018

19 Before & After Shots Of Hollywood Movies That Prove Everything Is Fake

They are cool.. They make us go WOW and clap hard in the Theater!! But what if they aren’t even real?? Yes we are talking about the Movies. We all are amazed by the action scenes in the Hollywood movies. In a Hollywood movie every time a car jumps from building to another it makes us go WOW!! But what if I say that 80% of the outdoor actions scenes in these movies aren’t even real. It is just a Green Matte or a Blue Matte which astonishes you. The technology is called VFX or Visual Effects.
Here we bring you 19 Scenes from Popular Hollywood Movies which then Astonished you but will Astonish you even more when you come to know the Behind the Scene Reality.

1. Hobbit

Alice In Wonderland 2

2. Alice In Wonder

Alice In Wonderland Youtube

Source: Youtube

3. Avengers

avengers alternativeart
Source: alternativeart

4. BoardWalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire Vimeo
Source: Vimeo

5. Deadly Honeymoon

Deadly Honeymoon Lombok
Source: Lombok

6. Gravity

Gravity bussinessinsider

Source: bussinessinsider

7. Life Of Pi

Life of a Pie Bussinessinsider
Source: bussinessinsider

8. Life Of Pi

Life of a pie fastcocreate
Source: Fastcocreate

9. Life Of Pi

Life of a Pie lombok
Source: Lombok

10. Game Of Thornes


11. Game Of Thornes


12. Game Of Thornes


Source: Pizzadeonshare

13. The Dark Knight 

The Dark Knight Entretenimento
Source: entretenmento

14. The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby Bussinessinsider
Source: bussinessinsider

15. The Secret In Their Eyes

the secret in their Eyes
Source: Lombok

16. The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn

The Twilight Saga Hollywoodlife
Source: Hollywoodlife

17. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead LOMBOK
Source: lombok

18. Fast & Furious 7


19. The Wolf Of Wall Street

The Wolf of wall street Bussinessinsider

Source: Bussinessinsider

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