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June 12, 2018

10 Times When Bollywood Told That Money Is Everything

10 Times When Bollywood Told That Money Is Everything
If there is anything that showcases too much in the nation, it is our Hindi film industry.
Since our third world truth is too callous to tolerate in daily life, we trust films more than anything. In spite of everything, we wish to see ourselves in the list of those wealthy characters, but this is completely risky.
After we recently witnessed Swara Bhasker gifting her besties a lavish Phuket vacation (with first class voyages) in the super hit flick ‘Veere Di Wedding’, we couldn’t lend a hand but speculate how many times Hindi film industry has told us precisely that money is everything and no other thing can be compared with it. Money can buy everything and Bollywood has proved it many times.
1- When King Khan reaches home on a helicopter to celebrate Diwali with his family members
2- When your best pal presents you a lavish vacation in Phuket just due to the reason that they fought with you
3- When your father presents you a special trip to Europe after you get failed to clear your grad
4- When you brace yourself for college just like this
5- When you take this costly and lavish car to your educational institution
6- When you ink a special and million dollar contract when you are on your Euro trip
7- When your dad assure you to present you a plane in return for getting married to someone
Well, that’s way too much!

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