Virat Kohli Cheated In RCB Vs MI. Angry Fans Slammed Him On Twitter -


May 2, 2018

Virat Kohli Cheated In RCB Vs MI. Angry Fans Slammed Him On Twitter

Virat Kohli seems to be unhappy nowadays as his IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore is not performing well at all in the tournament despite the fact that he has played some really good knocks.
In the match against Mumbai Indians, Virat Kohli did something that not only hurt the emotions of his fans but also spoiled his image and earned him the tag of a cheater.
In the 14th over on Jasprit Bumrah’s bowling, Virat Kohli edged the ball but the sound was so low that nobody including the fielders heard it so they didn’t appeal for it. As umpire didn’t give him out, Virat also chose not to react on it and he acted as if nothing had happened.
However when the replay was seen, the ultra edge (snickometer) gave a clear indication that the ball touched the bat. This made fans angry as they feel that Virat should have walked on his own even if the umpire didn’t give him out. Some people went to the extent of saying that comparison of Virat Kohli with Sachin Tendulkar should not be made as Sachin would have walked without waiting for umpires if he was out but Virat did otherwise and this is what separates extraordinary from ordinary.
This is how Twitter slammed Virat Kohli and called him a cheater:
Kohli can never be Sachin:
Anyone who compares Kohli and Sachin, here is why virat can never be Sachin. Sachin never use to stand on the crease after edging the ball like a cheater. He might score humongous runs but can never be sachin
Sachin would have walked out:
Karma is….
People wld have seen difference between & . So never compare our God with a cheater. BTW Karma has striked Kohli gone . Hardik Pandya take a bow.
Kohli doesn’t deserve to play for India:
@imVkohli is a cheat. After edging the ball and pretending like he is not out . It's shame, must be sacked as indian caption. The nation which has produced legend like @sachin_rt don't deserve Cheaters like @imVkohli @IPL @timesofindia @mipaltan @RCBTweets
This is why he can’t be compared to Sachin:
How @imVkohli is cheater..why he not become next Sachin because..sachin out means Cheating..don't wait for umpire. To give out..this character will define..ordinary and extraordinary player.@ImRo45 @mipaltan @RCBTweets 
Kohli is a big looser:
@imVkohli BIG LOOSER you are ashamed of your sportsmanship 😡☹ you nicked d ball of @Jaspritbumrah93 & still at d crease. A sign of a great player is how true he is & not a CHEATER like you @IPL @BCCI standard of umpiring in this is very low from Indian Umpires
Shame on him:
Shame on Virat Kohli what a big cheater he is, what can u expect from a person whose idol is CRISTIANO PENALDO
@IPL.. pls stop cheating people and scrap the fairplay award race.. nobody gives a damn... @imVkohli @ImRo45.. clearly nicked but didn't walk..
Why Kohli why?
Virat Kohli scored 32 runs in the match against Mumbai Indians and the match was won by RCB by 14 runs. Well, this must be the best gift that Virat could have given to Anushka on her birthday.

What do you have to say in this regard? Let us know your views.

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