Umpire Gave No Ball For A Legal Delivery. Twitter Is Trolling Umpire & Asking BCCI To Take Action -


May 10, 2018

Umpire Gave No Ball For A Legal Delivery. Twitter Is Trolling Umpire & Asking BCCI To Take Action

Looks as if there are too many umpiring errors in this IPL season. Even today, we saw a big error in the match between KKR and Mumbai Indians. MI defeated Kolkata by 102 runs, but what’s being discussed more on social media today is faulty umpiring.
It was because of the umpiring mistake today that Mumbai Indians got a free hit on a wrong no-ball. However there was not much impact of this free hit as batsman could score only single on free hit. This happened in the 16th over; even though the delivery was a legal one, umpire declared it as a no-ball.
Umpire gave a signal of “Foot-fault” when Curran bowled to Rohit Sharma. However, when it was seen on big-screens, it was seen that major part of his foot was behind the crease. However his foot slipped and during the time of delivery his foot was behind the crease but first impact should be considered while calling No ball and umpires should be aware of this fact.
Here’s the screenshot;
Curran and Dinesh Karthik conveyed this to the umpire but he didn’t overturn the decision. Twitter is unhappy with this decision; they are trolling Umpire for the same and also asking BCCI to take some strict action
Log drr rhe h aur umpire bhi drr that h Ambani se khi Jio ka recharge costly na krde isliye no ball hi dila di umpire se
Ambani : ek no ball dene par ek
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Umpire : done bhai.!

Ambani : jio dhan dhana dhan 😎
It was worst!
IPL or drama?
Is it ipl or Drama. Lot of decisions favouring Mumbai Indians. No balls given mercilessly, Chris lynn run out Seems like fixed. @mipaltan and @KKRiders whatever may be don’t cheat real Cricket fans.
Umpires are sold?
A no ball for a correct delivery?? Last over to spinner?? And now @KKRiders will continuously loose wickets and get all out for a mere 150 or so and @mipaltan will win by a large margin.. Fully fixed match.. Worst part is it seems like nowadays even umpires are sold out
Rule explained
Acc to rules 'First landing of front foot' should be consider for A valid or No Ball. Tom curran's foot skated only after first landing yet a No Ball given. Is the Umpire sold out in a very secretive amount? @bcci @mipaltan @KKRiders
Shame on umpire

Now, people want BCCI to take strict action against the umpire. What do you feel? Shouldn’t 3rd umpire intervene in such cases as it can be very decisive. However luckily this no ball had no impact on the match because Mumbai Indians convincingly won the match but what if Mumbai Indian would have won this match by only one run? Then this no ball would have been talk of the town.

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