These Are 10 Costliest Cocktails Of The World. Most Of The People Can’t Drink Them In Dreams -


May 12, 2018

These Are 10 Costliest Cocktails Of The World. Most Of The People Can’t Drink Them In Dreams

Cocktail is one of the most favourite beverage of many people out here, we know. So what it is expensive? It comes with a great variety and just makes the person fall in love with taste. That’s why cocktails are the soul of most lavish parties.
But there are some really and crazily rich people out there. Their drinking cravings don’t get satisfied unless they have something really royal and expensive with magnificently awesome taste.
Well, we can’t drink them so we thought to just list down the most expensive cocktails in the world. Wonder, if any one among you have ever drunk one of these.

10. Sapphire Martini

The cocktail is served at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. It started with a price of $24 i.e Rs 1500 approx but with increase in popularity got a price hike and eventually went on to become as costly as $3000 which means Rs 1.90 lakhs approx)
Price= Rs 1.90 lakhs approx

9. The Diamond Cocktail

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It’s served in London’s Sheraton Park Hotel’s and costs $1000 i.e. Rs 63,000 approx per bottle. However, it’s that costly because every serving has a diamond floating in it.
Price= Rs 2.75 lakhs approx

8. The Birth Of An Icon

It is served at the Sky View Bar in Dubai.
Price = Rs 3.75 lakhs approx

7. Salvatore’s Legacy

This cocktail was made by London bartender Salvatore Calabrese and was once the most expensive cocktail ever.
Currently, it stands at No. 7.
Price= Rs 5.65 lakhs approx

6. Martini On The Rock

It is popularly known as the proposal martini and is served at The Blue Bar in New York. You can consult with a jeweller 72 hours earlier and he drops the ring of your choice in the drink.
Price: Rs 6.40 lakhs approx

5. The Ono Cocktail

This is yet another drink which costs high due to the jewellery twist added to it.
Price = Rs 6.40 lakhs approx

4. The Gigi’s

Popularly known as the liquid gold, the cocktail is made with a vintage champagne and an ultra-rare brandy.
Price: Rs 7 lakhs approx

3. The Winston

It was created by an Ozzy bartender and costs almost a million Indian bucks.
Price = Rs8.25 lakhs

2. The ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ Martini

This cocktail worth more than a million Indian bucks is served at Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo. The special 1-carat diamond ‘garnish’ that comes with it makes it so expensive.
Price: Rs 10.20 lakhs approx

1. The Ruby Rose Cocktail

The costliest cocktail ever, The Ruby Rose cocktail is served at The White Barn Inn & Spa in Maine and was made during the 40th anniversary of the joint.
Price = Rs 25.55 lakhs approx
What are your thoughts on it?
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