Salman Trolled On Twitter For Lyrics Of “Selfish” Song; Netizens Compared Him With Dhinchak Pooja -


May 27, 2018

Salman Trolled On Twitter For Lyrics Of “Selfish” Song; Netizens Compared Him With Dhinchak Pooja

Salman Khan’s “Race 3” is constantly making news and everything related to the movie is going viral for obvious reasons. Firstly its trailer got released and one dialogue of Daisy Shah grabbed special attention, “Our business in our business. None of your business!”
It soon became a favourite of meme-makers and various hilarious versions flooded on social media. Even Mumbai Police availed itself of the trend and took a jibe at Daisy Shah’s dialogue for their benefit.
Now a song entitled “Selfish” has released and the most special thing about it is that it has been written by none other than Bhaijaan Salman Khan. It showcases love triangle of Salman, Bobby and Jacqueline and has been sung by Atif Aslam and Iulia Vantur, the alleged girlfriend of Salman.
Click here to listen to the song if you have not heard it till now
Despite being shot in beautiful locations, the song “Selfish” that shows Salman and Jacqueline engrossed in each other has become a topic for making jokes on social media. The online users are trolling the song for the lyrics written by Salman, Iulia’s voice used in the song and Daisy’s aerial dance stunt.
If you remember, Dhinchak Pooja, the Internet sensation, was trolled by Salman when she came in Bigg Boss and now the Internet users are saying that after this song, Salman can’t even dare to troll Dhinchak Pooja because his song is equally bad.
Twitterati didn’t find the song melodious or soothing and compared Salman Khan with Dhinchak Pooja. Check out some selected reactions:



BC Ho kya raha hai 😂🤣
Daisy x Lulia Deadly Combo
Daisy aerial dancing for no reason
Moral of the story Jacqueline is and bhai is still virgin at the end of the song..
Viewer Discretion is Advised.


Bhai sahab song from is the worst song of the decade😂😂. It's quite obvious coz lyrics are penned by none other than @BeingSalmanKhan .



After song can never dare to criticize Denchak Pooja. At least she can pronounce Hindi lyrics better than imported witch - @Iuliavantur What a waste for that good singers are not given chance to sing in big movies. Just am sad today!


Bhai i am a huge fan of yours, but please only do the acting thing. U are not meant for other things. U just ruined @itsaadee voice and iulia ventur wasnt even needed. Please bhai is the worst song of atif aslam. And u shouldnt do the casting thing also.


read somewhere that @BeingSalmanKhan has written the song. All my doubts are cleared now. First it was ZERO in acting now ZERO in writing too. Worst song of the year. Worst movie of the year for sure.


Just listened to the song from
Shocked to see Bhai wrote the lyrics why Bhai why??? Budget aacha tha toh ache Lyricist ko laate kyun hame paaka rahe ho. @ShahDaisy25 has already been a nightmare to us...@tipsofficial @BeingSalmanKhan @Asli_Jacqueline



@BeingSalmanKhan , I Adore You as an actor, doesn't mean kuch bhi karte rahoge aur hum fans hain toh sab hazam karte rahenge. Wo din dur nahi hai ke mere jaise kai fans aapki bhi film dekhna bandh kardenge. Isliye actor ho, actor hi raho. And let others do their work.



@BeingSalmanKhan ,you're an actor.Don't try to be a lyricist or singer or a casting director. Pehle @remodsouza ko director liya, fir @ShahDaisy25 jaise ko Race franchise mein aur ab @IuliaVantur ko singer aur khud lyricist? Kya mazak laga rakha hai Bollywood mein?

How did you find the song? Do you also think that Salman shouldn’t write any other song now? Let us know.

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