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May 10, 2018

RJ Naved Pranked Someone Who Lost His Dog. First Time People Slammed Him

Comedy is the noblest thing to do in this sad world. It makes people forget the sadness in life for a while and makes them happy. However, it’s important to ensure that the jokes or pranks don’t become insensitive and don’t end up hurting someone’s sentiments.
Radio Mirchi’s Raj Naved is favourite of many people for his hilarious pranks. Sometimes he touches really sensitive topics and gives important messages through them. Most of the times he touches the right point.
However, this time he went insensitive as he pranked someone who lost his dog.
The man had put banners in Noida and Delhi about his lost dog. RJ Naved called him and acted as if he has found the dog. The man even told him, “Usko sambhaalke rakhna yaar.” (Friend, please take care of the Dog). At the end RJ Naved accepted that he has not found the dog and he was just joking. This really irritated the man and he slammed him for it.
The audio was deleted later but a clip of it has been doing rounds on Twitter. Take a look below-
@rjnaved @RadioMirchi The most insensitive & uncivil prank. A family who had put up posters to find their lost pet receives such a call from you. Pets are family. Would you play this prank if a human child was lost?
Click Here to check the clip directly on Twitter.
RJ Naved was also slammed by people on Social Media. Have a look-





@rjnaved @RadioMirchi just read about the prank call Naved made about a pet parent losing their pet. Mr Naved you go around giving gyan to the world about what's right and what's wrong...let me tell u Mr. this is not fucking funny.


@rjnaved @RadioMirchi making fun of somebody's loss doesn't make you a sensitive being until you go through the same, get a life sucker


Absolutely disgusting behaviour by @murgamirhi @rjnaved. A prank that actively seeks out to hurt someone's sentiment by making fun of their loss is not a joke, it's bullying. @RadioMirchi how could you even approve this insensitive, morally reprehensible content? https://twitter.com/SachinStalin/status/993196028768628736 
@murgamirchi @rjnaved@RadioMirchi most insensitive to make light of someone's pain & anguish with prank call. Reprehensible. Just because you can't comprehend love for a fellow-creature doesn't mean you make fun of someone who loves pets. Pets are family! No more Radio Mirchi.


.@RadioMirchi RJ Naved plays a prank on pet parents who’ve lost their dog??? What is wrong with you people? Where is your sensitivity? Is this a joking matter?? Shame on you!!


@RadioMirchi @murgamirhi I used to like RJ Naved's show but this was really insensitive and unexpected from the whole team of radio Mirchi. Our pets are no lesser than our child and its not funny if mine/your child goes missing..

We need apologies from RJ NAVED AND RADIO MIRCHI


Absolutely disgusting behaviour by @murgamirhi @rjnaved. A prank that seeks out to hurt someone suffering the agony of a lost family members is NOT a joke, Yes , @RadioMirchi how do u allow , encourage this. & use the channel to help find the dog https://twitter.com/ShaleenAttre/status/993214856789741569 

What are your thoughts on it?

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