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May 4, 2018

Jadeja Showed Worst Performance In Batting, Bowling & Fielding. Twitter Trolled Him Too Much

Hope you all enjoyed the exciting match between CSK and KKR today. KKR won by 6 wickets and easily traced CSK’s target of 177. Things would have been different had Ravindra Jadeja shown a better performance.
In terms of batting, bowling and fielding, Jadeja wasn’t up to the mark at all. Talking about bowling, Jadeja gave away a whopping 39 runs in 4 overs. Again, during fielding, he missed 2 consecutive and important catches of Narine in the 2nd over.
Narine could have been out of 6 runs itself but due to Jadeja’s mistake, he scored 32 runs. Although his wicket was taken by Jadeja itself, the damage was already done.
Coming to the batting, Jadeja scored just 12 runs off 12 deliveries and that too in the last 5 crucial overs. This is something which fans didn’t expect from him at all.
Overall, everyone is disappointed with his show today. He could have done much better, don’t you think so? After today’s game, Jadeja is being brutally trolled on Twitter. Here are some tweets;



When Dhoni will realise Jadeja is the worst batsman, Infact player to hv in team..

Again I repeat.. Csk is the only team, who play with
6 batsman/alrounder,
one fielder Jadeja,
four bowlers...



Remind me why Jadeja came above Bravo again? Absolutely disgusting and pathetic nepotist attempts by Dhoni to resurrect his friend's limited overs career at the cost of his team.



Jadeja dropped two consecutive catches, yet 3 players came up to pat his back, coz Dhoni's brother in law.



How often will you see spinners bowling 18-19-20th overs in a T20 game? Also, wondering when will start thinking of sending Bravo ahead of Jadeja...



Sir jadeja knew that no one would believe that even Jadeja can drop catches, so he dropped two catches in a row to make people believe.



Poor Ravindra Jadeja.
Forgotten how to bat.
Forgotten how to ball.
Forgotten how to field.
Trying to forget IPL 2018.




What a horrible piece of death batting by Jadeja. If ever there was a demo of how NOT to finish an innings, it's here from Sir. Extraordinarily awful batting.



Whom we want to get dropped: Jadeja

What gets dropped: Catch

By whom: The one whom we want to get dropped.


Jadeja should be the brand ambassador for Polio campaign.

Coz, all it takes is 2 drops.


I wouldn't mind CSK losing today if it meant Dhoni understand jadeja shouldn't be in this team.


Do you agree with Twitter too?

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