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May 8, 2018

Ekta Kapoor To Produce Desi ‘Game Of Thrones’; Twitterattis Slam Her With Sarcastic Comments

Ekta Kapoor To Produce Desi ‘Game Of Thrones’; Twitterattis Slam Her With Sarcastic Comments
Everyone makes fun of Ekta Kapoor and her serials. This time around she has decided to make a desi version of the very popular English Serial ‘Game Of Thrones’.
However, people have moved to better shows that have compelling stories and great acting from networks like HBO and Netflix. But have you wondered what’d happen if Ekta Kapoor’s bizarre editing mixed up with Cersei Lannister’s evil scheming? If yes, congrats, your nightmares have come true.
Ekta Kapoor has planned to make an Indian adaptation of the popular show, ‘Game of Thrones’. A source told that, ” Though not an official adaptation, the project will have the feel and look of the medieval drama. It will have heavy dose of sex in it.”
People have said that GOT has been one of the best shows on till date. Thanks to George R.R. Martin, it has a complicated yet engaging story-line that’s taken forward by equally interesting characters. The set design and attention to detail are immaculate. And the fight or battle sequences can rival any big budget Hollywood movie.
The internet completely lost it and the Twitteratis are reacting something like this.
Looks like they want to stop the production before it even starts. Take a look:
1. There will be 20 reaction shots after that.
2. Go ahead and make it a musical.
Suna hai ki Ekta Kapoor game of thrones ka desi version banayegi....
Chalo ab ham log dragon ko bhi....
"Dhum tana dhum ta na na na..
Dhum dhum tana na na" karte huye dekh lege.

3. GoT fans will be throwing violent fits.

If Ekta Kapoor ever made a Hindi version of @GameOfThrones, these type of scenes will always be on loop.
4. Is this the real life or just another fantasy?
Ekta Kapoor announced she is going to make medieval drama like Game of Thrones.

I need someone to pinch me. This dream keeps getting weirder by the second.
5. That weirdly makes sense
6. Ultra cringe!
Ekta Kapoor is making desi version of Game Of Thrones. Just wondering whether it will be a laughter show (Of course one of its kind) or a daily soap type (saas bahu catch).

Sansa to Cersei " पाय लागो मम्मी जी".
7. Classic.
In other news, is going to make an Indian version of . Kahani Simhasanon ke khel ki. (Aaa aaa aaa aaa )
8. Same here.
9. “Bik gayi hai ye Indian Television.”
10. He can do it with a snap of his fingers.
11. Please don’t give them any ideas!
12. Stop it.
13. Make a special jail to imprison those who make bad adaptations.
14. *snorts potassium*
I have some suggestions for the name:
Khel Ksinghaasan Kka
Ksinghaasan Kka Kkhel
Ksinghaasan Kki Kkshatranj
Kkiska Hoga Ksinghaasan
Kkissa Ksinghaasan Ke Khilaadiyon Kka
Kasauti Ksinghaasan Kki
Well, what do you think about this?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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