BJP MP Paresh Rawal Again Shared Photoshopped Tweet. Twitter Trolled Him Left & Right -


May 27, 2018

BJP MP Paresh Rawal Again Shared Photoshopped Tweet. Twitter Trolled Him Left & Right

Paresh Rawal is among the most talented actors the Hindi film industry has ever had. His comic timing is simply excellent and no one can match his acting skills which are second to none.
However, he doesn’t have the same image when it comes to real life, thanks to the series of fake news and photoshopped tweets that he has been posting on the micro-blogging site Twitter.
Once again, the BJP MP did the same as on May 24, he took to Twitter and posted a fake tweet screenshot according to which Rahul Gandhi used KG (Kilogram) as the unit of measuring petrol instead of litre.
The tweet read, “Petrol has gone up to 80 rupees per kg, and the government has no concern about the public!!”
Here’s the tweet screenshot:
Check out Paresh Rawal’s tweet:
This gave enough fodder to Twitterati to troll the “Hera Pheri” actor mercilessly. Check out some selected tweets:




चुतिया है भड़वा बाबू भाई 😅😅😅😅
इसकी फ़िल्म में एक्टिंग अच्छी करता है पर रियल लाइफ में एकदम चुतिया का बीज जैसी बातें करता है गुज्जु भांड 😅😅😅😅





Are sir, Ye sab likhne ki jaroorat nahi thi, aisa kuch nahi hai ki aap donkey ho, thoda dimag use karo, sab thik ho jayega, aap ek number actor ho aur do kodi ke human, get well soon, bhagwan aapko sadbuddhi de😅
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Shame on u for sharing a photo shopped tweet..... Or u may have been recruited in IT cell of BJP which is famously known as Dirty Tricks Department


Ye dekho andhe bhakt fake aur real ka pata nahi chale duniya gyaan baatne.sir ye to paka joke ban gya...bhaktoooo


क्यूं परेश चाचा??? अब फेक पोस्ट का सहारा ले के नमक की दलाली में लग गए क्या???😂😂😂


What do you have to say with regard to Paresh Rawal’s fake tweet and his habit of not verifying facts before posting it on social media? Let us know your views.

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