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April 20, 2018

Woah! The Amount That Salman Khan’s Bodyguard Shera Charges For His Security Will Leave You Stunned

While everyone’s aware of Salman Khan’s popularity, but the people who are associated with the actor some way or the other are no less popular. Take for instance, Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera. He has created his own identity in the town and major credits for the same goes to none other than the Bhaijaan of Bollywood.
Shera, whose real name is Gurmeet Singh, was born into a Sikh family in Andheri, Mumbai. When he was a kid, he was less inclined towards academics and spent most of his early childhood sitting at his father’s automobile workshop. And before he was appointed for the security of a few big names of Bollywood, pumping iron was the only thing that he liked to do. He even won a couple of bodybuilding contests like Mr. Mumbai and Mr. Maharashtra during that time.
Shera only got into security in the early 90s after Andre Timmins of Wizcraft was impressed by his physique and asked him to join his team to handle protection details of Bollywood celebrities. He got to first meet Salman in 1995 at a party which was organized for a Hollywood actor, Keanu Reeves. But only managed to be associated with him after a terrible incident in Salman’s life where at a show in Chandigarh a crowd spiralled out of control and forced his brother Sohail to look for a new and stronger bodyguard.
Before taking Shera on board, Sohail asked him, “Bhai ke saath hamesha rahoge (Will you always stay with my brother)?” to which he instantly replied with a ‘Yes’.
He has been working for the security of many bollywood biggies and international sensations all these years. But the only actor for whom he has been working for the past 20 years is Salman Khan.
Well, do you know how much does the beefy man charges per month to provide security to the actor?
As per report by a leading portal, it was told, “Shera is given the amount of Rs 15 Lakh per month to safeguard Salman, which almost makes it a whopping amount of Rs 2 crore per year.”
OMG! It indeed is a whooping sum!
However, we believe that the man definitely deserves it for the kind of work he does.
Sharing an incident where Salman’s car was caught up badly in a crowd, Shera told a leading daily,“During one of my early assignments, I was at Indore with Maalik. We were travelling by car through this very small road where there were a lot of fans present and other people walking as well. So, it was difficult to drive. I got out of the car and ran in front of it for two kilometers clearing the crowd and allowing the car to pass smoothly. Since then, I have been like family for Maalik.”
And That’s not all!
When he was asked in an interview about what Salman meant to him, he went ahead to say, “Maalik means master and Salman Maalik is everything to me. I will lay down my life for him. He is my god.”
Salman values his relations with Shera and he pretty well proved it after he dedicated an entire film to him. This gesture deeply touched Shera’s heart and he even expressed his feelings on the same in an interview and asked “Who else has ever done such a thing for his bodyguard in the industry?”

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