This Girl Had To Pay Rs 33,000 For An Apple. This Is What Made Her Pay -


April 26, 2018

This Girl Had To Pay Rs 33,000 For An Apple. This Is What Made Her Pay

There are only a few people in this world who consider themselves lucky and there are more who are unlucky. A girl named Crystal Tadlock who had to pay Rs 33,000 for an Apple (not an iPhone or gadget) is surely one of the unluckiest ones.
The girl was fined $ 500 by the customs department as she was flying between Paris and USA. The girl failed to declare the fruit because she got the Apple from airlines only. Just because she was not hungry, she decided to carry it along.
However, later she came to know that she has been fined by $ 500. She tried to explain to the officials by pointing out at the Delta (airline company) logo but to no avail.
She said-
“It’s really unfortunate someone has to go through that and be treated like a criminal over a piece of fruit.”
Talking to Denver TV station Fox 31, she said-
“He had asked me if my trip to France was expensive and I said, ‘yeah’. I didn’t really get why he was asking that question and then he said ‘it’s about to get a lot more expensive after I charge you $500’.”
Crystal also took to social media and posted about the same. She wrote-
Near the very end of my Delta flight from Paris, I received an apple 🍎 from my flight attendant.
The apple was in a sealed bag with napkin & silverware, even though no one uses a fork to eat an apple. I wasn’t hungry so I jammed the apple in my carry on as we exited the plane. 
I waited for a while in the customs line and instead of putting my bag on the conveyor belt to X-ray it, they were randomly selecting bags to search. Mine was selected. They went through and saw the Delta apple. I told them I forgot about it since I didn’t purchase it and had obviously received it from Delta airline. 
“Well, your trip is going to get a lot more expensive” said the customs guy.
$500 dollars more expensive. Apparently throwing the apple out wasn’t an option. 
He wanted me to pay the money right then & I said no way. My other option is court, which would be in Minnesota. 
Shame on Delta for handing out fruit if they know minutes later would be a violation of US customs. 
I received an email saying my global pre check is revoked & now every time I fly, I’m going to be searched. This is all so disappointing.
@delta 🍎 #deltaforbiddenfruit 🍎
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You can also check the picture below-
In her Twitter updates, she talked about how the bag in which she received the Apple had “Enjoy” written on it.
False. I did not enjoy the apple. Instead I received a $500 violation, had my global entry revoked (first time I’ve used it) AND I will be searched on every flight for the rest of my life 🚩#deltaforbiddenfruit #crystaltadlock #delta #applegate
You can also check the picture below-
Yep, Two main points:
The problem is inconsistency with customs. I know multiple people that were given the opportunity to throw fruit or other items away & proceed on with their lives.
Also why is Delta handing out fruit that will not pass customs minutes later?
The matter got serious and Delta had to reply-
Hi, thanks for following up with us. We apologize fort the disappointing experience. Please see this link for more information about bringing food into the US.
Here’s how Twitterati reacted-







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