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April 20, 2018

These Modified Auto Rickshaw Photos Will Make You Laugh

Many of us daily travel in auto rickshaw. But have you ever travelled in a helicopter auto rickshaw, Double-decker auto rickshaw or any other modified auto rickshaw?
Like there are modified cars and bikes, similarly there are modified auto rickshaws. Let us take a look at some of the modified auto rickshaw photos that can either amaze you or make you laugh! Take a look!

1.  Scorpio Auto Rickshaw

Modified Auto
Among all the modified auto rickshaws this one might amaze you instead of making you laugh.The owner of this Scorpio auto Rickshaw, Sunil from Kerala modified his Auto Rickshaw. He modified his auto rear to look like Mahindra Scoprio.
The photo of this Scorpio auto rickshaw went viral. When owner of Anand Mahindra saw this he started to search for the guy. On finding this guy he was gifted a four-wheeler by Anand Mahindra, in order to earn his bread.

2. Helicopter Auto Rickshaw

If you have a dream to fly but don’t have enough money. You can still enjoy the same feel by travelling in this modified helicopter auto rickshaw. It will give you same feeling that of helicopter but only drawback is that it won’t fly.

3. Modern day Auto Rickshaw

Modified Auto
The world is in great need of such means of transport which will run without fuel. As petrol, gas and CNG are become costlier day by day here is the savage. This man himself doesn’t know what he has given to the world.
This modified auto rickshaw with such specification will not only save the fuel. But also our energy as it doesn’t need any physical work to move this vehicle.

4. Double-decker Auto Rickshaw

Modified Auto
You have seen double-decker bus but this double-decker auto rickshaw is something that you might not have come through. Only thing that it lacks are the footsteps to reach the top deck. Probably to enjoy the scene at the top deck you will have to work a little hard to reach there.

5. Luxurious Cool Auto Rickshaw

Modified Auto
Summer in India is quite harsh. This is the main reason that this auto owner has made a special cabin for himself. This is what we call “Working like a boss”. He just not only earns his living but also enjoy a cool life.
The gallery doesn’t end here. We have added some more pictures for you!

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