Virat Kohli love for Anushka by sharing a special message on Women’s Day -


March 10, 2018

Virat Kohli love for Anushka by sharing a special message on Women’s Day

Virat Kohli love for Anushka by sharing a special message on Women’s Day
We are observing International Women’s Day today. The special day is commemorated crosswise the world to recognize as well as respect the accomplishments and inputs of female in their individual areas or for the improvement of the civilization.
This Women’s Day, Indian captain Virat Kohli has shared a unique and inspiring message for all the males and females out there.
Virat made use of his Twitter handle and posted a special video recording in which the skipper can be witnessed elucidating how females are not only equal to males but they are better than them.
Putting on a sporty blue tee with ‘Stay Strong’ spelled on it, Virat said, “Men and woman aren’t equal. I really wish we were. Honestly, the fact is, it’s easier to be one than the other. Sexual harassment, discrimination, sexism, domestic abuse and threats of violence…and the list goes on. Despite all of this, women rise and shine in all walks of life. Still, think they’re equal? No, they’re better than equal. To all the woman all around the world, I wish you all a very happy Women’s Day.”
In addition, the superstar captioned the special video recording writing, “Tag the extraordinary woman in your life who is #BetterThanEqual” and the handsome hunk tagged his life partner, Anushka Sharma.
We have already witnessed his support for wifey on several occasions that how he has backed up Anushka, be it the individuals making fun of Anushka on the social platform and criticizing her for his recital on the field, or be it backing her choices, comprising her home production movies.
And by tagging the wifey in his special message, the actor once again conveys how sturdily he feels that his life partner is the amazing woman in his life.
In the meantime, Virat’s love as well had a loving message to share on Women’s Day.
Anushka tweeted, “Every step makes a difference when you believe in something strongly and do your bit. It might not show immediately but the results to create a ripple and an impact. To all the women fighting for what they believe in, don’t give up !! Happy #WomensDay”

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