Masaba Gupta designs the ‘hijab-saree’ and becomes talk of the town -


March 23, 2018

Masaba Gupta designs the ‘hijab-saree’ and becomes talk of the town

Masaba Gupta designs the ‘hijab-saree’ and becomes talk of the town
Fashion has no limits. People create wonders in the name of fashion. There are amazing and talented fashion designers around the country who have created wonderful things so far. The upcoming fashion designers are iconic in their own way when it comes to designing new and unique stuff. When one starts to feel that Indian fashion has gone back down the lane decades, there comes a girl named Masaba Gupta who breaks the rules to create a wonderful hijab-saree.

The idea of Masaba Gupta to design a hijab-saree is pretty much appreciated by one and all and guess what, she went out of the way to create a hijab that is neither black nor white, but grey. She is one such woman who had her own style of thinking and has always challenged the norms set out by the hypocritical society.

Unlike the old-fashioned black hijab, she designed a hijab with grey as the prime colour. She designed a saree with a hijab that can be worn in different styles. She designed a masterpiece out of a saree to form a hijab and she poses an ‘it’ question, she asks, “Do we have the freedom to wear whatever we want when there are no dress codes for men?” An answer which is known to each and every person deep down but somehow there is no voice to participate in this debate leading to an uproar. The message is simple, “dress how you like”. However, difficult to understand for the “flag-bearers and big-wigs of the society”.

Masaba Gupta’s hijab-saree is now viral
The grey printed saree has tribal infused prints on it and is paired with a hot pink blouse, which gives a completely fresh look to the regular hijab that was being worn by women since ages.

She was asked as to why did she pick a symbol of conservatism to which she replied, “The starting point of the idea was to talk about our best-seller sarees. And the saree has been constantly debated in relation to how it should be worn by a specific type of woman to why the youth are apprehensive about embracing it. That’s why the decision to showcase the saree worn by real women, as opposed to models, in the campaign shoot.”

Middle Eastern women think that a saree is intrinsically Indian, hence the idea of styling this drape like a hijab. She ended saying, “My job as a designer is done when my clothes inspire freedom in Muslim women to adopt fashion the way they desire.”

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