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March 13, 2018

“It’s unfair to compare Janhvi with her mother Sridevi,” says Farah Khan

“It’s unfair to compare Janhvi with her mother Sridevi,” says Farah Khan
Sridevi started her film career at the age of four and died at the age of 54 by accidentally drowning in the bathtub in a Hotel room in Dubai last month.
Choreographer Farah Khan, who had worked with Sridevi is now working with Sridevi’s daughter Janhvi in Dhadak movie. Farah is choreographing the popular song ‘Zingat’ from blockbuster Marathi film ‘Sairat’ for the Hindi remake version of Karan Johar-produced ‘Dhadak’. The film stars Jahnvi Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor’s brother Ishaan Khatter.

Farah said in an interview, “Janhvi is absolutely lovely and she is a very good dancer. She picks up really fast and to compare her to her mother is the most unfair thing I think because Sri by her age was already a veteran and this is Janhvi’s first film. I love Sri. When I started my career, she really pushed me and I used to do all her shows. But everybody is a different individual”.

She said it’s unfair to compare the newcomer with her mother. Farah believes that every actor has a different approach towards the talent and their individuality should be respected.
Farah was asked to recreate the song for the Hindi version, she was given two briefs, Director Shashank Khaitan wanted it like it was done in the earlier movie, very casual, very organic and Karan wanted it to be a big song.
Farah said, “she believes a well-told story is more important than a boring “pseudo-intellectual cinema”. Most of her directorial movies have featured Shah Rukh Khan but the director said it took three years for the superstar to say yes ‘Main Hoo Naa’.
Farah is known for her commercial sensibilities. She said, “It was also a struggle because I was not making your typical so-called women should direct only a certain type of movie. I wanted to make a big budget action movie which had drama in it. So I was not falling in that cliche of what people suppose women directors should be making. That itself was a struggle”.

The director-choreographer is one of the jury members for REEL movie awards and the award show will be announced on March 20.

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