Check Out The Differences What If The Show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S Would Set In 2018 -


March 17, 2018

Check Out The Differences What If The Show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S Would Set In 2018

Friends is an American hit sitcom which was set in 1994 to 2004. If the show would get set in the year 2018, then what would be different in the show. Check it below:
1. Firstly, The group of all six friends would have the group named “The one Where We Text” for their group chat.
2. As in the show, they lived in Manhattan, and if the show would set in 2018, then the gang would live in Brooklyn.
3. The character of Chandler would be like the only one to tag all others in facebook memes.
4. One of the episodes would name “The One With Accidental Instagram Like.”
5. If we speak about the Instagram account, the character Rachel Green would be super into it. She would force Monica Geller to click her pictures in different outfits, and she would be posting adorable pictures of her daughter, Emma.
6. The characters Joey and Chandler Bing would spend their time by watching Netflix shows such as “The Stranger Things.”
7. If the show would set now, then Susan and Carol would be legally married.
8. Phobe would opt for driving a taxi. She would be driving uber on weekends using her grandmother’s old yellow cab.
9. Joey would have an account on Tinder. He would use Tinder 24/7 hours.
10. Ross Geller would moderate a subreddit to discuss the historical inaccuracies of Game of Thrones.
11. Phoebe would post her new single “Smiley Cat” on youtube to be famous for her song.
12. Ross Geller accidentally would be saying “Rachel” at the altar and Joey would have filmed it. After that, it would have gone viral in the social media.
13. Phoebe Buffay would have been Facetimed into the wedding of Ross and Emily.
14. There would be one episode named “The One Where Phoebe Dates The Starbucks Barista.”
15. Chandler would always be vaping indoors, and everyone would be trying him to stop vaping indoors.
16. Joey and Chandler would have been pleased that their TV was accidentally picking up HBO and not a free porn channel.
17. Janice used to use google maps to find “15 Yemen Road, Yemen” so she would have been completely confused for it.
18. When Chandler eventually got to Yemen, then he would have stayed in fancy Airbnb.
19. The gang of all six friends would have started the Twitter hashtag #UglyNakedGuy.
20. The characters, Ross Geller, chandler bing, and Rachel green would not have had been to Pivot. They would assemble their couch which would have been from Ikea. So there is an excellent need to assemble it.
21. Joey would be habitual of using his selfie stick so he would annoy everyone in London by using it.
22. Instead of leaving a voice message to Ross, Rachel would have drunk-texted to Ross Geller. She texted that she was “over him.”
23. One mistake that Chandler would have made that he would have accidentally emailed “pro/con” list of Ross Geller to Rachel green.
24. Joey would be mad over Ross Geller. Ross has canceled their Hulu subscription. He has also taped over Baywatch, but for this reason, Joey would not be mad at him.
25. Joey would also have the competition with Celebrity Big Brother.
26. Joey would have been Jamie Dornan for the movie “Fifty Shades Of Freed” instead of being Al Pacino’s butt double in a movie.
27. There would be one of the episodes named “The One With the Juice Cleanse.”
28. To get the leather pants back, Ross would have asked Siri on his I-phone instead of calling Joey, his friend.
29. Everyone would know about the dramatic weight loss of Monica and Will’s in the high school because it has been posted on the Instagram.
30. Instead of getting the sweater from the catalog, Ross would have ordered it on the Amazon.
31. Phoebe and Frank Jr. would have been friends on facebook.
32. Instead of finding out a random erotica novel, Joey would find Rachel Green’s copy of Outlander.
33. There would be an episode named “The One Where Chandler Does Not Like Kale.”
34. After ending of run on Days of Our Lives, Joey would end up his guest appearance in the episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

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