Rumors: Sara Ali Khan’s Kedarnath May Get Delayed Due To Director Abhishek Kapoor -


February 14, 2018

Rumors: Sara Ali Khan’s Kedarnath May Get Delayed Due To Director Abhishek Kapoor

Rumors: Sara Ali Khan’s Kedarnath May Get Delayed Due To Director Abhishek Kapoor
Sara Ali Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput’s film is facing a lot of problems in terms of direction, locations and character changes. This film is debut film for Sara Ali Khan and she is facing maximum loss due to this movie as the problems are increasing for the film and she cannot sign any new film due to her contract in Kedarnath.
The film is recently facing one more problem as KriArj Entertainment and T-Series faced major financial and creative differences with the filmmaker Abhishek Kapoor.
Abhishek has a history of unprofessional fallouts in his career. He is known for problems with Excel Entertainment’s Farhan Akhtar during Rock On 2, his unprofessional behavior with Rekha during Fitoor so much that Rekha did not like her own character in the film and was not at all happy with her looks in it.
As for Kedarnath, the sources reveal that owing to his history and lack of professionalism, the film had no takers until KriArj Entertainment came on board to produce the film. The new-age shares a good bond with T-Series so they brought them on board as well, to look at other aspects of the music, digital, satellite and cable rights.
According to a report by a leading daily, both the studios were fed-up of the interference of Abhishek in financial decisions and constant delay in the shoot.
Says an insider, “KriArj Entertainment and T-Series decided to come on board since they believed in the film and Gattu’s vision. However, as Kedarnath unfolded, several issues pertaining to the dates of the talent, prep time and delays in the film’s delivery began cropping up. Gattu replaced several crew members and technicians at the very last minute and Gattu’s demands became unreasonable by the day.”
“He not only delayed the shoot of the film by six months but also majorly interfered with the firm’s financial planning and overall business workings. Gattu also demanded that a higher price is quoted for the music rights and this despite T-Series being the music moghuls and the best in the music industry.”
“Deciding a film’s release date should be the producer’s call since they are the ones investing huge sums into the project. However, Gattu interfered in that as well,” the source added.
He went on to announce a release date on Twitter without consulting KriArj Entertainment who were against releasing the film on that date as it was clashing with Shah Rukh Khan starrer Zero on December 21 this year.

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