Deepika Padukone gives a hilarious reaction about the bounty on her nose -


February 3, 2018

Deepika Padukone gives a hilarious reaction about the bounty on her nose

Deepika Padukone gives a hilarious reaction about the bounty on her nose
Deepika Padukone’s most controversial flick Padmaavat has bagged the title of the most disputable Bollywood flick of the recent times. The movie has lastly witnessed the light of the day as it hit theatres on January 25 to rave appraisals and unique reaction from the viewers.
However, the remonstrations that the film confronted before its launch are not a thing of the History.
Everyone is still discussing how the film got banished, sets got damaged, casualty threats were sent to the actress and what not. Well, talking about the intimidations, the actress doesn’t seem bothered by them at all. In actual fact, in her first video interview since the release of the film, she even joked about it.
One of the warnings forwarded in opposition to Deepika was that a certain tassel crowd will do to actress what Lakshman Ji did to Raavan’s sister Surpanakha; cut her nose.
Afterward, Kanpur Kshatriya Mahasabha’s president Gajendra Singh made declaration about the reward on her nose. The actress was cued of the warning during her talk with media people.
The actress laughs out quietly and stated, “I did have a thought at that point…My feet are a tad too big. I like my nose but you can take my feet.”

During a meeting with media people today, but, Deepika confessed that she considered putting the flick on hold in the initial objections.
Deepika said, “When we were shooting the film, or specifically when I was shooting for the film, there were only two incidents that happened. I had told Sanjay sir at that point – considering the fact that this in a way was a turning point in my career in terms of the budget and scale and success of the film – even then I was willing to put this on hold to fight a much larger cause. I had told Sanjay sir that something didn’t feel right. It is not that people had not had issues with earlier films.”

“Shabana ji’s films have had issues in the past but this to me right from the very beginning just felt very different. It is not the usual disappointment, protest or anger that people have felt before for certain films, it was something different.”

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