Twitter Trolls Hina Khan, Calls Her ‘Mohalle Ki Aunty’! The Tweets Will Make Yo Go LOL -


January 10, 2018

Twitter Trolls Hina Khan, Calls Her ‘Mohalle Ki Aunty’! The Tweets Will Make Yo Go LOL

Twitter Trolls Hina Khan, Calls Her ‘Mohalle Ki Aunty’! The Tweets Will Make Yo Go LOL
Bigg Boss is one of the most talked about and controversial show in Indian Television. Bigg Boss 11 is the most talked about season of Bigg Boss at this time, friendship and enmity have become just words, body shaming has become common too and that is the reason it is always among top 10 shows in TRP.
Recently, Bigg Boss 11 contestants found themselves in front of media personnel at a press conference held inside the house on Monday. During the media interaction, one journalist questioned Hina as to why she always tried to be the typical Indian ‘Mohalle Ki Aunty’? While Hina didn’t have an answer and couldn’t stop laughing after listening to the query. Twitter fans instantly started trolling her by calling her a ‘Mohalle Ki Aunty’. Have a look at some hilarious trolls on the Twitter.
Meri ab se itni insecure ho gai hai k pucho mat!😂

But must say they all are much much much better than
Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta gang up against Shilpa Shinde.
Insecurity, jealousy. 's massive votes the reason
"Mohalle ki Aunty" 🤔😂😂😂😃😃
A reporter called Hina "Mohalle ki Aunty" 😂😂😂
Hats Off 2 U Lady... Bang on👏👌
Hina was lyk ab main kya karun 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hina was literally on the verge of banging her head with the table when Journalist called her - Mohalle ki aunty 😂😂😂😂

Whenever she lacks anything to defend, She started saying - Kabhi ek week bhi yha reh k dikhao.. 😂😂😂
I think Hina khan is suffering from short term memory loss when she said ki maine ye kbhi nhi kaha ki maine 8 saal tk kaam kiya h....
It looks like Hina and Vikas Gupta have started ganging up against Shilpa. The hygiene conscious Hina accused Shilpa of not maintaining cleanliness in the house recently, and Vikas also started by blaming her mentality.
Standing up for herself, Shilpa took a stand and refused to cook for the two of them, while Hina and Vikas commented that Shilpa was showing her true colors only towards the end.

Only time will tell that these trolls reduce votes for Hina or gain her massive publicity to get ahead of Shilpa. Only a few days are left for the finale and we can’t wait to see who wins as the show is getting intense and more interesting day by day.

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