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January 8, 2018

Tiger Zinda Hai BO collection day 16: Tiger is alive and kicking though

Tiger Zinda Hai BO collection day 16: Tiger is alive and kicking though
The Ali Abbas Zafar syper hit directorial venture, Tiger Zinda Hai, has gathered up Rs 295.27 crore up till now and thus far, the flick has not indicated any indication of concluding its theatrical run up till now.
Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer is noteworthy as it has made entry in its 3rd week and the movie is still inviting motion-picture fans. Well, it is Sallu Bhai, after all.
Salman’s buff watch his flicks several times and regardless of how good (or bad) the movie is, the tittle-tattle is always sturdy ever since Bhai is in the movie

On January 06, Tiger Zinda Hai should sail exceed the lifetime profits of another Bhai film, Sultan, which garnered Rs 300.45 crore as the weekend has started and there are no rivals to Salman’s movie.
Tiger Zinda Hai is the second part of the 2012’s Ek Tha Tiger, which was helmed by Kabir Khan and was triumphant in its individual right.

Shubhra Gupta had provided an average appraisal of the movie. She compared the movie’s basic depiction of Indian and Pakistani nurses being held hostage by radicals in Iraq with the Malayalam film, Take Out that did the similar thing more sensibly.
“The 2016 Malayalam film Take-Off was a terrific re-creation of that very same knife-edge situation, and the bravery-in-the-face-of-certain-death shown by the nurses, spearheaded by Parvathy. Tiger Zinda Hai uses it simply as a peg to get Salman centre-stage, only occasionally deigning to share the screen with Kaif (who has a terrific action sequence all to herself), and his cohorts (Mishra, Bedi and company). A menacing bearded type who goes by the name of Abu Usman (Delfroz) marches about, giving orders to shoot and kill, and the Americans, played by the most inept actors, as usual are the biggest losers,” she had said.

There is something about Salman Khan that the more he tries to act, the more he fails. We witnessed the depressing outcomes in 2017’s Tubelight. It is better if he upholds the poker face.
The research Sallu’s command of the Hindi movie business will head for an immense reading once his profession is over. Tiger, for the time being, is active and kicking as well.

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