This Robot Will Help You To Romance -


January 9, 2018

This Robot Will Help You To Romance

Let us tell you that the robotic girlfriends of all these strengths have also come in the market. It is being called ‘s3x robot’. Although it is offset from the common ‘s3x dolls’. Let’s know its all the features.

This is Samantha

An engineer from Spain has created this ‘s3x robot’ called ‘Samantha’. Sargi has said that the body of this robot is made from the body’s best quality silicon and if it is chosen, it seems like a human being.

Not Less Than Girlfriend

According to Sergi ‘Samantha’ is completely like girlfriends. Equipped with Artificial Intelligence, this robot has all the necessary sensors installed. With the help of these, it can fit your touch. Can talk to you.

She Also Get Excited

Sergi said that the Samantha is very nice to adore and if she touches on her face and G-spot she is also excited.

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