These Original Pics Of ‘The Kund’ Where Rani Padmini Committed ‘Jauhar’ Will Haunt You -


January 30, 2018

These Original Pics Of ‘The Kund’ Where Rani Padmini Committed ‘Jauhar’ Will Haunt You

These Original Pics Of ‘The Kund’ Where Rani Padmini Committed ‘Jauhar’ Will Haunt You
Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat might have taken the controversies to another level but he has surely made the audiences more curious to know more about Rani Padmini. Well, the movie is definitely providing a never-seen-before cinematic experience to the viewers, but here are few more things which you would definitely love to see.
The most talked sequence about the film is when Rani Padmini (played by Deepika Padukone) commits the Juahar. Deepika too admitted that it was one of the most difficult sequences she has ever performed.
She Kept A Swayamvar
History remembers the Queen for the Jauhar act that she committed to save her dignity. Take a look at the original pictures where (it is believed) Rani Padmini committed Jauhar. Also, the story behind it will haunt you.
As per a leading news portal, Rani Padmini was well trained. ”Rani Padmini was well-trained in war strategies and battleship. This made her adept at the art of swordsmanship.”
”During her swayamvar, she kept a condition that whoever would defeat the designated fighter in a sword battle would win her.”
‘’However, the designated sword fighter was Padmini herself.”
The Kings Didn't Know That...
”Many princes and kings lost to her and it was only king Rawal Ratan Singh who won and she had to marry him.”
When Alauddin saw Rani Padmini’s reflection in the mirror. ”This led him to Alauddin Khilji, praising Rani Padmini in front of him and Alauddin besieging the kingdom of Chittor. He only saw Padmini in a reflection as she didn’t allow him to see her face to face.”
Only King Rawal Ratan Singh Won
Alauddin captured Raja Ratan Singh. ”Alauddin deceitfully captured Ratan Singh. This led to the women of Chittor prepare for Jauhar while the fight was still going on. As many soldiers of Chittor’s army died, Ratan Singh also died while fighting beside his men.”
The Story Of Raghav Chetan
Rani Padmini was the first who jumped in the Jauhar Kund. ”The women walked down a secret passage within the fort that led to the Jauhar Kund. Padmini was the first to jump in the Jauhar Kund while other women followed.”

Their Cries Were So Loud That Alauddin Ordered The Kund To Be Closed Permanently
”Their cries and wailings were so loud that Alauddin ordered the passage to be closed permanently and it was reopened only after many years by the king of Chittor to honour the brave women.”

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