These 15 Real-Life Illustrations Prove That This World Is A Crazy Place To Live In -


January 9, 2018

These 15 Real-Life Illustrations Prove That This World Is A Crazy Place To Live In

It is indeed true that this world is a crazy place to live in. From one generation to other, we have gone through a lot of changes in every domain, most importantly our psyche. Even the smallest of things have experienced many drastic changes to better adapt to the surroundings.
Now the world and its people are not what they used to be anymore.  a lot of people Among Us have expressed concerns over  where we are heading towards and what our future holds with the help of art.
Here are 15 illustrations inspired by real life concerning the challenges we face in our lives everyday and what has become office in this crazy crazy world.
1. The dictatorship of mobile phones in our lives
2. This is what happens when everyone turns selfish
3. The story of my life
4. Ego is the only important thing in everyone’s life
5. How the global politics works
6. The unfulfilled aspirations, and desires
8. This is insane
9. Pollution, global warming, natural calamities all provoked by humans.
10. The left is what most of us prefer
11. Obesity is a serious problem, but who cares!
12. Update on social media is more important than anything else
13. Widespread problem- a dangerous lifestyle
14. Backstabbers are everywhere
15. The desperation of the situation when everone around you is busy with their mobile phones
Every picture tells a story of its own and these 15 illustrations gives out some very powerful messages which makes us turn our heads and THINK about our current situations.
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