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January 11, 2018

Did Deepika and Ranveer bought a love nest in Goa? Deets here

Did Deepika and Ranveer bought a love nest in Goa? Deets here
Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh might have stayed tight-lipped on their affiliation status, however, hearsays hint that a lot is taking place on the individual front for both the stars.
A few days after Padukone and Singh came back from their dreamy getaway, reports of Deepika being showered with special presents on her birthday by Singh’s parents spread all over the web.
And at the moment, newest hum hints that the loving stars have purchased a bungalow together in the beautiful surroundings of Goa.

As per a report, it’s a nifty bungalow.
“A luxury residence has been recently picked up by the two jointly, in the same area that also has Raghuram Rajan and Sunil Gavaskar’s homes,” said the report.
Rumour is widespread that Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh might get hitched in 2018.
Incidentally, Deepika’s dad Prakash Padukone had already forwarded his permission to their affiliation.

When the actor called Prakash Padukone’s daughter “marriage material” on a chat show, the ex-badminton player replied, “As a father, I have given Deepika the freedom to take her own decisions. Even in this case, she is free to decide whatever she wants to do.”
The two have purchased a luxurious bungalow in a classy region in Goa. Their luxurious bungalow is in the region that also boasts of bungalows of biggies including Raghuram Rajan and Sunil Gavaskar.
Ranveer’s squad refused this news when the media people approached them. But, there’s no smoke without blaze, don’t you have the same opinion?

Deepika Padukone had filmed Finding Fanny in Goa and Ranveer, in addition, had joined the movie sets for a character part. Deepika and Ranveer had enjoyed in Goa after the movie’s shoot. Previous, it had also been stated that the actor had purchased an apartment house in Deepu’s building.
Deepika had said in a recent interview regarding Ranveer, “I am very, very comfortable around him and I can just be myself in front of him. I can switch off and just be my true self with him.”

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