Bigg Boss 11 January 3, 2018 full episode written update: Hina calls Luv a coward -


January 4, 2018

Bigg Boss 11 January 3, 2018 full episode written update: Hina calls Luv a coward

bigg boss 11 January 3 written updateBigg Boss 11 airs on Colors.
Missed last night’s Bigg Boss 11 episode? Read all the highlights from the latest episode of India’s most controversial reality show aired on Colors.
  • Vikas and Luv argue over the bags.
  • Akash helps Luv in emptying Vikas’ bag. Vikas helps Hina in emptying Akash’s bag.
  • Puneesh helps Shilpa in emptying Hina’s bag.
  • Hina loses her first bag in the fifth round.
  • Hina gets upset with Luv for choosing Vikas’ bag over Akash.
  • Luv helps Akash in emptying Vikas’ bag.
  • Vikas loses his first bag in the sixth round.
  • Hina tries to manipulate Luv and says not to save Akash and Puneesh. She advises Luv to go easy on Vikas’ bag.
  • Luv helps Akash in removing Vikas from the race.
  • Vikas’ bag gets torn and Big Boss asks Hina to make the decision.
  • Vikas loses his second bag.
  • Puneesh tries to instigate Hina against Vikas by saying that Vikas was not saving her bag.
  • Hina discusses about the task with Luv and tries to make him understand that what he is doing is wrong.
  • Shilpa tells Luv that Puneesh is scared of Hina that he is not going to win the show with Hina.
  • Hina and Shilpa discuss their strategies that they are against Akash. Shilpa tells Hina that she is going to save Hina’s bag.
  • Hina says she can stand against Luv also.
  • Everyone fights with each other to pick the bag first.
  • Hina helps Vikas in emptying Akash’s bag.
  • Akash and Shilpa lose their bags.
  • Akash gets out of the race.
  • Luv empties Vikas’ bag with the help of Puneesh.
  • Vikas tries to empty Puneesh’s bag.
  • Vikas also gets out of the race by losing his last bag.
  • Puneesh tells Luv that Vikas have taken his corner like Arshi and Priyank will choose their corner before going from this house.
  • Hina fights with Luv for emptying Puneesh’s bag while Luv is saving Puneesh’s bag.
  • Puneesh tries to empty Hina’s bag. Hina loses her next bag.
  • Hina and Luv get into a fight. Hina calls Luv a coward.
  • Hina asks Shilpa why didn’t she save her bag from Puneesh.

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