REVEALED! This is why Virushka’s Wedding was a Top Secret for almost an year -


December 13, 2017

REVEALED! This is why Virushka’s Wedding was a Top Secret for almost an year

REVEALED! This is why Virushka’s Wedding was a Top Secret for almost an year
Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s marriage on December 11 came as a total surprise. There were rumours about the couple getting married, but no official announcement was made before. Last night, both Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma posted beautiful pictures and gave the news of their marriage.
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They married in Milan, Italy, at World’s second most Expensive destination. Do you know that their wedding was fixed almost a year ago? Yes, you read it right. wedding planners Shaadi Squad confessed, what we saw in Italy on Monday was the result of weeks of hush-hush prep. They said, “Four months of keeping a secret, hiding even from our own team, the secret recces, midnight meetings, vague conversations, and sleepless nights have finally manifested into this grand moment. Thank you Anuskha and Virat, for making us part of your family and trusting us to pull off something of this magnitude. You believed in us, even on those sleepless nights that we didn’t!”
According to an India Today report, the two families met and discussed the wedding in Sri Lanka while Virat and Anushka kept the world busy by releasing photos of them gardening. The family priest announced December was the right time and preparations began from their on.

But do you know why the couple kept their wedding a top secret?

Well, it is probably because they wanted to avoid media and wished to have their wedding a private one with only the family and close friends to be a part of it.
Moreover, Anushka had always dreamt of such wedding.
Anushka always wanted this kind of wedding. Wondering how do we know? Well, her statements from some old interviews have clearly mentioned that. She gave an interview some three years back when she turned the cover girl for Harper’s Bazaar Bride. She was asked about her idea for marriage.
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1- The Phillauri actress was asked whether she prefers a traditional wedding or a modern affair, to which she replied that she would like to keep the affair small. This is exactly what is happening. Only a handful number of people are invited.
2- She also revealed that she wants to have the wedding at a beautiful place like a vineyard. And what could be better than Milan as just an hour’s drive from Milan is Breschia which produces some of the best sparkling wines in the world?

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