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December 8, 2017

‘Pehla Nasha’ fame Ayesha Jhulka Returns to Big Screen with Genius Movie

‘Pehla Nasha’ fame Ayesha Jhulka Returns to Big Screen with Genius Movie
It has been more than two and half decades since the song Pehla Nasha shook the world of music.  The song has so much vibes and many people connected to it.  All thanks to the beautiful lass Ayesha Jhulka who enacted it so well and stood in our memories till date.  The actress who stunned everyone with her stunt in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar movie has now had a complete changeover.  The actress who appeared in movies like Khiladi and Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar has taken a long break from movies in Bollywood from quite few years now.  Nevertheless, it was reported that the actress will make a comeback soon to the big screen.
She will be seen in Anil Sharma’s directorial, Genius.  Gadar director will be launching his son Utkarsh with this movie. She will be seen in the role of a mother in the movie.  She will be playing mother for the leading actress in the flick, Ishita Chauhan.  When asked about the same, Ayesha said “I was not really prepared to work again, but Anil ji was really insistent. My character is a classy, elegant and an independent woman who is also a liberal mother and has a friendly relationship with her daughter. It’s not the typical, conventional mother, which is what made me say ‘yes’ to it.”
Ayesha Jhulka Plays the mother of leading actress in the flick
She said that though she will be back to the screen and acting, she is unwilling to take part in the rat race and will only give green signal to those projects that excite her.  When asked if she has any issues playing a mother on-screen, she said she has no qualms about it.  She further added “I have enjoyed my time as a leading lady. One has to grow with age and accept things the way they are. I have done good work and now there is a chance for the little kids to start doing it.”
Ayesha as always seemed very welcoming and positive.  Hope she will be seen in many projects to come playing different roles that excite her as well as her fans.  All the fans of Ayesha can catch her now in Genius movie.  Genuis is an action-romance that stars debutant Utkarsh Sharma as an IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) topper. The flick will start its shoot this month.

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