Bigg Boss 11 Dec 11 Episode: Shilpa wants Akash to stay away, Arshi slut-shames her -


December 13, 2017

Bigg Boss 11 Dec 11 Episode: Shilpa wants Akash to stay away, Arshi slut-shames her

Bigg Boss 11 Dec 11 Episode: Shilpa wants Akash to stay away, Arshi slut-shames her
Bigg Boss 11 house once again saw a quite depressing time when Shilpa Shinde was damned by none other than so-called BB house dumbo Arshi Khan!
Shinde told Tejwani and Gupta that she got irritated when Dadlani touched her. They warn Shilpa to tell Akash severely. She stated that she has attempted saying formerly but he said no to pay attention to. Luv told Dadlani not to do so and he guaranteed.
Dadlani yet again arrived and attempted to touch Shilpa Shinde’s cheeks. After the actress said no at first, Shila surrendered after Akash guaranteed not to do this bull shit again. Arshi, Puneesh Sharma and Akash Dadlani made a decision that they have to boot out Shilpa. Puneesh came to Shinde and talked about Dadlani to Shilpa, Akash after that charged Shinde for all the so-called drama around him touching her. Dadlani also said that Shinde ‘supported’ him.
Arshi Khan finally makes her decision and chooses her old friends in the Blue Team. Find out what's happening only on !
Whilst Puneesh warned not to lift up the matter, Arshi incited him on. Arshi told why Shinde is having such “reaction” when touched by Dadlani at the moment and was okay with it previously!
Hina Khan said sorry to Luv Tyagi however but he was not all set to overlook and pardon. Luv wished to recognize what his pals think about him. Priyank Sharma asked Hina to give Tyagi a moment or two.
Hina and Priyank tried to get extra information from Luv but he started mischievous. It all finished in a verbal argument. Hina’s tried to broker tranquility fell flat.
Nominations se bachne ke liye gharwalon ko manana hoga captain ko! Kaun hoga Arshi Khan ke nishaane par? Jaanne ke liye dekhiye  aaj raat 10:30 PM. 
In the mission, the challengers were placed in 2 different groups comprising blue and red. The garden region got separated in two regions as per the team’s colours and balloons carrying partakers’ faces hanging on the tree set in the area. The side, which would cope to keep their balloons secure would succeed and remain safe from nomination. Arshi remained safe as she is the captain.
Luv Tyagi is unhappy with @eyehinakhan & @ipriyaksharmaa's actions! Is this the end of their friendship? Find out tonight at 10:30 PM. 
At last, Red team lost and Shinde, Tejwani, Priyank and Tyagi got nominated lastly. The rest members stay safe.

A moment afterward, Akash yet again approached Shinde but she reiterated what Luv stated. Vikas asked Arshi to also warn her friend Akash to avoid Shilpa. Arshi answered why Shinde took it for last 11 weeks and is shouting only now.

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