BB11 Dec 30: Priyank Gets Evicted; Shilpa Becomes The Best Entertainer -


December 31, 2017

BB11 Dec 30: Priyank Gets Evicted; Shilpa Becomes The Best Entertainer

BB11 Dec 30: Priyank Gets Evicted; Shilpa Becomes The Best Entertainer
December 30th installment of Bigg Boss 11 started with host Salman Khan making a smart entry and the actor stated that today one of the challengers would get eliminated via LIVE voting.
Salman Khan said that who will bid ‘bye bye’ to the BB show will rejoice the New Year with his or her respective family. Sallu started the show and said ‘Hi’ to the contestant.
After that, he asked Luv if he has lady love or pals to rejoice New Year with and after that mocked Priyank by stating that he will rejoice with ex-lady love.
Salman told the moms of all the contestants’ moms played well during their stay in BB house.
Salman gagged with the competitors that Hina’s beau and Puneesh’s love Bandgi came close and was sharing the similar bed in the padosi house. Both Khan and Sharma got surprised and Puneesh asked the host to show him the recording and he told that it’s something, which cannot be telecasted.
Sallu told Gupta and Shinde that their family members have talked over their nuptials and showcased them an image of them as a wedded pair. Salman trolled Khan for the goof-up she did during the mission in which she gave Shilpa 600 points in place of 60. He decided to test everyone’s awareness and asked them some queries.
Sallu asked Dadlani what Mithali Raj plays, he answered how would I know. He asked Shinde, Tyagi, and Priyank the same question and Priyank gave the right answer. Salman asked for the full form of DVD to Tyagi. He gave the wrong answer. Then the host asked Priyank that what would he lit first if he would be offered a matchstick, a Diya, a candle and a gas. Priyank said matchstick, and impressed the host.
Salman called up their family members. Shinde’s brother asked Vikas how and why he thinks Shilpa is playing a game. Bandgi asked Vikas that after Priyank, who will be the only true friend to him. Vikas said Puneesh. Rocky asked why Vikas thinks Hina is doing everything for the camera. Then Bandgi called Hina for questions. Akash’s mother called Puneesh in the witness box. After that, she called Shinde in the witness box. Then Rock questioned Shilpa.
After that, Priyank got evicted and he thanked BB for everything.
Now, BB asked Hina and Shilpa to amuse the viewers with singing and the result will come via LIVE voting. Shilpa got 77% whilst Hina bagged 65% votes.

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