BB11 9th December Update: Hiten was on cloud nine after meeting his family -


December 11, 2017

BB11 9th December Update: Hiten was on cloud nine after meeting his family

BB11 9th December Update: Hiten was on cloud nine after meeting his family
This weekend Bigg Boss 11 guarantees a great deal of excitement, battles, mental emergencies and allegations. The scene begins with Salman Khan entering with a late Shashi Kapoor melody. Salman then tells what all happened this week on Bigg Boss. Gauri cries and embraces Hiten. The two get passionate and cry on observing each other.
She guarantees him that he is playing the very well and he sometimes need to bring out his opinion louder. She at that point heads to meet every other person. She expresses gratitude toward Vikas Gupta for being there for Hiten. She proceeds onward to Hina and goes up against her on what she told about Hiten amid a luxury task. She reveals to Hina that Gauri’s message was by and by or him and not for every other person to use at him.
Bigg Boss at that point requests that Gauri leave and she embraces Hiten and leaves the house.
After that Hina was seen calling Gauri very childish and bitches about her with Arshi Khan, Priyank Sharma and Vikas.
Salman at that point converses with everybody in the house while talking names of the current week’s designations. He likewise adds that he wanted to see Puneesh and Luv Tyagi’s bonding with their fathers. Salman additionally reports that it is his mom’s birthday today when Puneesh says that it’s dad’s birthday today. He likewise says that he discovered Shilpa Shinde’s mom extremely sweet.
Salman at that point moves to Priyank and we as of now revealed to you what occurred there. Priyank getting trolled is the best thing in the scene up until this point. Also, Bhai removes the coat once more. Presently comes Arshi Khan’s turn. He praises Arshi on her ‘Khairaat ki captaincy’. He discloses to her that her state of mind changed instantly when she turned into the chief. Bhai at that point quits fooling around and quieted Arshi down with every one of the allegations she made on Shilpa. He taunts Vikas for his decision of the captain.
Arshi at that point blames Salman for favoring Shilpa more regardless of competitors attempting to quiets her down. Salman gives it back to her by saying that she is simply causing her own downfall.
Meanwhile Karan Patel goes into the house he commends Vikas and Shilpa he at that point proceeds onward to Hina and discloses to her what a faker she is. He reveals to her that her most loved line is ‘Yeh Maine Kab Kaha’.
After Karan, Rohan Mehra goes into the house. He at that point discloses to Hina that she should deal with battles smoothly and that all that she does is being discussed outside the house.
 Also, now enter Karishma Tanna, she lauds Vikas for being a genius and says she cherishes him on the show. She reveals to Akash that he is befuddled now and she lean towards the prior Akash.
Rohan, Karan and Karishma at that point join Salman in front of an audience and requests that they sit in a corner. He at that point requests that Hina say whatever she needs to Karan. She legitimizes herself and difficulties Karan to remain in the house. They contend and Karan reprimands her for being double dealing. Salman closes the scene by asking everybody to not inconvenience their mom.

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