BB 11: Salman says, “Celebrities do the ‘Most Disgusting Things’ to be in the game” -


December 4, 2017

BB 11: Salman says, “Celebrities do the ‘Most Disgusting Things’ to be in the game”

BB 11: Salman says, “Celebrities do the ‘Most Disgusting Things’ to be in the game”
Salman Khan is the host of the popular reality show Bigg Boss and he is hosting the show for the sixth time. He said the celebrities do the “most disgusting things” to be in the game. The actor was speaking at the 15th Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2017 on Thursday.

When Salman Khan was questioned, HOWthe Bigg Boss concept works and is it true that the show is scripted. The actor said, “Have you ever taken a peep into someone’s house? This is the same concept. You get to peep into someone’s house every day at 10:30 pm. It is not scripted at all. If what happens on the show was scripted, the creative team had to be quite twisted. But this is where the world is going.”

In recent times, Salman Khan comes on the show during the weekends and constantly scolds the participants for their bad behaviour they show inside the house with other contestants. From Hina Khan and other contestants for humiliating other participants to scolding Priyank and Puneesh for insulting participants on their body structure and getting aggressive during discussions, he has smashed everyone present in the show.

“These people are celebs who do the most disgusting things to stay inside the house for one week. Well educated people come into the house and they are speaking such rubbish. They don’t realise this adversely affects their career because no one wants to work with badly behaved people,” he added at the Hindustan Times event.
Asked about the protests against Padmavati, the actor said that everyone should respect the decision of censor board. “If the Supreme Court gives its verdict, or the censor board gives its certificate, everybody should respect it,” he said.

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