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November 23, 2017

Times when favorite Bahu ‘Akshara’ aka Hina Khan disgraced other BB11 female contestants

Times when favorite Bahu ‘Akshara’ aka Hina Khan disgraced other BB11 female contestants
Reality show Bigg Boss is acknowledged for hosting some of the most arguable and aggressive people each season. These persons, who come extremely from the television, movies and in recent times, from the public space additionally, think little about their status before starting a verbal attack on any of their fellow housemates.
One famous name, which dominates all the fame, is Akshara, i.e., Hina Khan.

Let’s explore the occasions where the ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ artist made mean statements against fellow female challengers –

Hina mocked Arshi Khan
In a fight with Arshi Khan, she made a statement that turned the media and the viewers were shaken.
“Arshi, Kapde faad ke kaam milega tumhe bahar (You would surely get work after evicting from BB House but only by tearing off your clothes),” she said.
When Hina hurt Mehzabi on BB cameras
Mehzabi once caught Hina uttering that, “Aam aadmi have entered the house for free and that’s why they aren’t making enough efforts to protect the prize money.” But when she tried thrashing Hina for saying all this nonsense, Hina denied to enter a fight and stated, “Mehzabi it’s not my standard, and I don’t prefer to stoop to your level.”
When Khan picked at Shilpa Shinde
During an enjoyable mission, Shilpa stated lightly that Hina makes use of a lot of makeup. Hina took the statement seriously and disgraced Shilpa by saying, “Hamare profession mein zaroorat padti hai. Aapki aadat chhoot gayi hogi shayad.”
Hina loved joking about Dhinchak Pooja
When Dhinchak Pooja made entry to the house, she was witnessed making fun of her many times.
Hina joked about Shilpa’s English
During a mission, when Shinde was asked to read aloud the set of task rules (in English), she found it little hard and therefore misspoke a few words. Hina said, “My proficiency over English is better than Shilpa’s and also suggested Shilpa not to try speaking English if not well-versed.”
Khan wasn’t loved for this at all!
Model, well-known actress and Bigg Boss 7 victor Gauhar Khan made use of Twitter and banged Hina by stating, “Kya padhna naa aana koi buri baat hai??? Agar aapko angrezi nahi aati are u uneducated?? Hmmmmmmmm.”
Wild with her other contenders…
Hina said, “Heroines in the south are often overweight coz the south filmmakers want their heroines to gain weight and flaunt their bulging figures. I was offered two films which I refused because they asked me to gain weight.”
Hina was highly condemned by the viewers…
The media people along with Tollywood beauties also resisted Hina openly.

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