Salman Khan is a great human being and charitable genius, here’s the proof -


November 24, 2017

Salman Khan is a great human being and charitable genius, here’s the proof

Salman Khan is a great human being and charitable genius, here’s the proof
During the fights in the hit-and-run case at the Sessions Court in the city of Mumbai, Salman Khan began shaking his head in a vigorous manner. He was looking at his legal representative, the defense counsel Shrikant Shivde, who was telling the court how he suffered from a psychological ailment and his situation will only relapse in prison.
It took a few seconds before the legal representative noted Sallu’s gesticulations and then accordingly, he did not forward the certificate from the physician to the bench. Maybe, Salman didn’t wish to be witnessed as a ‘mental’ sufferer.
However, the very same ‘great human being’ sat without a sound as his legal representatives decided to tom-tom — in opposition to every opinion of compassion — the different charities that he is involved in.

Shivde stated that charity works were in the Khan’s blood and that over the years, he had spent more than Rs 47 crore for charitable trusts.
“He is a founder of a trust called Being Human. He also supports three schools and has helped facilitate the heart surgery of over 600 children. This community service will be affected,” Shivde added.
Obviously, Shivde didn’t talk about that several of these charitable actions also turned well-publicized only after the year 2002 — the year during which the mishap took place.

“I don’t like talking about it [charity]. A lot of people and my friends always tell me I should do photographs and stuff when I meet some people,” Shah Rukh once stated. “But I don’t believe in it. It is a true thing that if I believe in a cause, I should do it silently and not use my persona as an actor to advocate that.”
As per the 2014 Forbes Rich List, ‘Sallu Bhai’ was the wealthiest Indian star with total wealth of Rs 244.50 crore — certainly Rs 47 crore over a period of time totals to little more than peanuts to him and given his bank balance, it would be simple enough to maintain the charities going even whilst he was in jail.

But as Jack London once wrote, “A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.”

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