Remember Them The Actors Of ‘Just Mohabbat’? They Have Changed Mesmerizingly -


November 24, 2017

Remember Them The Actors Of ‘Just Mohabbat’? They Have Changed Mesmerizingly

Remember Them The Actors Of ‘Just Mohabbat’? They Have Changed Mesmerizingly
In 1996, a show was publicized on Sony television, and it was the best thing that we used to watch. Jai’s adorableness as a hero to every one of the issues that he needed to look at his life looks so relatable today. Isn’t that right?
Since the way, we see things have changed, clearly the characters who made this epiphanic acknowledgment conceivable may have likewise changed. Come, we should investigate how the cast of the show has changed and what they are up to now.
This super cool character was played by Harsh Lunia. He was last seen in Anubhav Sinha’s movie ‘Kabootar’.
This popular performing artist depicted the part of youngster Jai in the show, and you can’t differ when I say that this person looked adorable in those days and he looks charming now also.
Gautam was the imaginery friend of Jai. Aditya is altogether developed now and is even connected with to performing artist Tanvi Thakkar. He was seen playing Khush in ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’.
Jai’s CA, father Raj, must be the most carefree father of that time. Salim has been a dynamic piece of the performance center gathering and has additionally featured in different shows from that point forward.
Renowned actress Kavita played the role of Jai’s mom and we remember her for being her fun self. She has also starred in shows like ‘Yes Boss’ and ‘Saans’. The actress also did a cameo in Star Plus’ ‘Sumit Sambhaal Lega’.
Would you be able to perceive this child? Indeed, to be extremely legit, I was exceptionally amazed when I saw these pictures of Kunaal. The on-screen character has truly come a long way.
The part of Jai’s delightful sister was depicted by Alefia. She was each person’s squash amid the show in those days.
Do you recollect this character? Desmond was by a long shot the most steadfast and entertaining worker of the house.
Jai’s affection intrigue Saloni was additionally an essential piece of the show. The performing artist has changed a ton now. At present, she is working in Kannada films.×0/cpfl88obllxsmr8x6ep2.jpeg?tr=q-4
Surekha Sikri as Mrs. Pandit, the performing artist assumed the part of the key in the show and trust me, she was the coolest central anybody can ever have.
That is all, individuals.

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