Check out this popular but weirdo hairstyles of cricketers and they are just amazing -


November 29, 2017

Check out this popular but weirdo hairstyles of cricketers and they are just amazing

Check out this popular but weirdo hairstyles of cricketers and they are just amazing
We have seen many unique hairstyles in Bollywood and people used to follow it, but time has changed the things people are copying haircuts from their favourite cricket stars. Hairstyles of cricketers are so different that people want to don the same look. But this trend is going for a long time, the curly hairstyle of Henry Olongo was very popular 8 to 10 years back.
But sometimes the experiment of hairstyle fails, sometimes it makes the person part of memes and jokes on the social media. Today, we will show some of the unique and interesting hairstyles of few cricketers.

Colin Miller

Collin is a former player of the Australian team, he played 18 test for his nation. Collin used to come on the ground with hair coloured pink, green, blue and yellow. People use to call him Collin ‘Funky’ Miller.

Sunil Narine

Hairstyle of the famous West Indies spinner Sunil Narine looks like dragon tail. This hairstyle is famous with the name ‘Mohawk’.

Curtley Ambrose

This famous haircut of the West Indies player was termed Spider hairstyle. It’s like you want to cut your hair but you don’t want to lose your pony and you cut everything except the pony.

Henry Olongo

The look of the hairstyle shows that the Zimbabwe has taken a lot of effort to create this haircut.

Lasith Malinga

This hairstyle of the Sri Lankan bowler Lasith Malinga will be loved by Maggie lovers a lot. Whenever you will his hairstyle you will surely crave for Maggie.

Ravindra Jadeja

This hairstyle is looking pretty cool and showing Ravindra Jadeja’s dedication toward his team.

Andrew Symonds

After watching this hairstyle the only question arises is, how does he comb his hair?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

The long hairstyle of Mahendra Singh Dhoni was loved by his fans and was very popular among the youth.

Mitchell Johnson

This hairstyle of Mitchell Johnson is very much loved by his fan and it is unique in its own way.

Russell Peter

In the summer, you can follow this hairstyle of the West Indies player Russell Peter.

Hardik Pandya

When hairdresser cuts the one sidelocks more, then you have to do juggad to make it a stylish hairstyle.

Kevin Peterson

When some patch of your hair turns grey, you can hide them with your favourite colours.

Kevin Pollard

The picture shows that Kevin Pollard is very much of T20 cricket.

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