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November 30, 2017

BCCI to retire Sachin’s iconic jersey No.10, but why?

BCCI to retire Sachin’s iconic jersey No.10, but why?
The famous No.10 jersey that was owned by the legendary right-hand batsman of Indian cricket team for many years has not been passed to any player of this generation. Sachin Tendulkar made it so respectful and responsible that it may not be seen on an Indian players jersey in the near future. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) revealed that players are not willing to print that No.10 on their jersey out of respect for the right-hand batsman, this despite the need of any plan to officially retire it.

Sachin retired from international cricket in the year 2013 and since then, the only player from Mumbai Shardul Thakur worn a jersey with No.10 on his ODI debut during the tour of Sri Lanka earlier in 2017.
The pacer was trolled by the people on the internet for his selection and later he made a statement to clear thing, Shardul said he picked the number for numerological reasons.
“It’s a very individual choice. If players don’t want to wear a certain number, one can’t force them. ICC might just tell you that a team can’t officially retire a jersey but it would never tell you that it’s mandatory to wear that number,” a BCCI official told PTI.
“The BCCI has not taken any such call (retiring the No.10 jersey). It’s a very informal thing among players. Also, you don’t want young players to be abused like it happened with Shardul Thakur,” he added referring to the trolling Thakur was constrained to for wearing the number.
However, there is no such preference of a jersey number being deleted in respect of a former player in international cricket. Tendulkar’s IPL team, the Mumbai Indians, had, though, retired the No.10 shirt in his honor.
Jersey numbers with glory have always had strong emotional interest in the international football but yet FIFA has never deducted any special number being eliminated in honour of a player.
Still, football clubs have done so, the popular Italian club Napoli eliminating Maradona’s No.10 jersey to admire his legendary work with the side.

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