BB11: Arshi Comes Out Of Washroom Just In A Towel In Front Of Hiten And Vikas -


November 29, 2017

BB11: Arshi Comes Out Of Washroom Just In A Towel In Front Of Hiten And Vikas

BB11: Arshi Comes Out Of Washroom Just In A Towel In Front Of Hiten And Vikas
Check out here the full tale of Bigg Boss 11’s yesterday’s session that was kept secret. It is getting too wild day by day.
Sometimes, contestants overlook that they are on national TV and that there are hoards of cameras around them. For example, Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma turned cozy and even made an entry in the bathroom mutually during the midnight.
Well, a few things are not telecast on the small screens for better reasons. One such instance is of Akash Dadlani as well as controversial lady Arshi Khan. In the concealed voot video recording, Akash Dadlani was witnessed placing Arshi Khan up to confront a big challenge that she herself aroused. It includes a towel. What is the special game?
Dadlani told Arshi to take away her clothes and enfold the towel before providing her special oil massage on the shoulder. But, Bhabhi ji Shilpa Shinde gets annoyed on this, however, in spite of that Arshi went to the bathroom where she takes away only the sleeves of her outfit and enfolds the towel.
Akash Dadlani & Arshi Khan play a prank in the house! Will the housemates fall prey to it? Tune in at 10:30 PM to find out! 
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Arshi enfolded the towel on her dress, this turned Shilpa fuming. Arshi constantly kept stating that Shinde will get irritated. But, Dadlani told her that who is Shinde to make a decision on all things related to her. Dadlani also told her that even Bollywood star Sunny Leone had performed something such when she was a contestant of Bigg Boss house.
After the lady wrapped towel, Dadlani took Arshi to the garden region. However, Vikas Gupta, as well as Hiten Tejwani, send her in the house. Vikas Gupta and Hiten Tejwani were seen talking that how these bullshit people can be so shameful on the big platform.
After that, Arshi Khan went to the washroom region and took out her towel. Akash told her that he was just experimenting her if she does it as Arshi Khan herself got this dare introduced.

Once they went back to the living region, Shilpa Shinde talked to her over doing something very erroneous. This turned Akash annoyed and he got into heated spat for remarking on everything.

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