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November 25, 2017

5 Adorable Hindu-Muslim Couples Who Bravely Took A Stand For Their Love

5 Adorable Hindu-Muslim Couples Who Bravely Took A Stand For Their Love
Here are some of the popular couples who didn’t kneel down in front of the public, state of affairs, tough times, and appalling phases of their lives.
Gauri Chibber And Shah Rukh Khan
SRK was always an introverted human being. He was madly in love with Gauri. He confronted many ups and downs and also, he got the tough words from his brother-in-law, but the romantic star still managed to accept his love. They joyfully tied the nuptial knot during the year 1991.
Kareena Kapoor And Saif Ali Khan
It looks like they didn’t face any difficulties in their wedding, however, this is not true. The wedding witnessed its ups and downs and carried on in each state of affairs. A big age difference and inter-caste wedding, the types of society severely got a twinge in their neck. But at last, they got success.
Nargis And Sunil Dutt
Nargis was smitten towards ace personality Raj Kapoor and signed all film deals of RK Studio. In contrast, Raj Kapoor had already wedded with Krishna Kapoor. In spite of that, Nargis was all set to be Raj Kapoor’s second companion, however, the slip of destiny ended the affiliation, leaving Nargis in gloominess. On the set of Mother India, she met Sunil Dutt. Dutt’s heart started linking her that got noticed by one and all on the set. After some time, they tied the knot.
Kiran Rao And Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan was sincerely smitten towards Reena Dutta, his first companion. They were quietly taking pleasure from their lives when the unexpected storms commenced and entered their house. They got separated. On the sets of Lagaan, Aamir met Kiran. After that, they met on the sets of Dil Chahata Hai. During their second reunion, the actor was not well owing to his separation. Aamir and Kiran bonded with one another in a great way and commenced dating. After some time, the two tied the knot.
Ratna Pathak And Naseeruddin Shah
One is well-known pairs of the film biz is Ratna Pathak And Naseeruddin Shah. This cheerful pair is setting a special example in the globe. The two first met during 1975 when Shah was an FTII graduate and Pathak was completing her studies in college. They were seen together in a play named ‘Sambhog Se Sanyaas Tak. Shah was actually handling his separation disturbance when Ratna backed him. After that, they started loving each other and got married.

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