Twitter Shuts Down The Moral Police Who Questioned Mithali Raj’s Dressing Sense! -


September 9, 2017

Twitter Shuts Down The Moral Police Who Questioned Mithali Raj’s Dressing Sense!

Listen up, ladies. If a self-proclaimed “No one” on the internet tries to shut you down for what you wear, there will be hell to pay. Especially if happen to be Mithali Raj, who recently won millions of hearts with her impressive performance at the ICC Women’s World Cup 2017.
Only a few days ago, the Indian captain was the recipient of a ridiculous tweet poking fun at something as seemingly normal as the sweat patches on her outfit, to which she gave a fitting reply.
It would seem that people out there have still not learned their lesson seeing as yesterday, some pseudo-fans decided it was completely okay to question Mithali’s wardrobe choices, in what can only be assumed as an attempt at moral policing.
According to media reports, the tweet was in response to this photo Mithali shared on her official Twitter handle.
While many of her followers praised the picture, some people felt the need to offer her unsolicited advice.
Like what does this even mean?
Someone even said mindless things like –
I mean come on, you can’t even spell, so are you really qualified to ask these questions? Hell no!
Thankfully, these haters were shut down by her fans or rather, sensible people who defended her and put them in their place.
or girls to aachi lgi lakin tu lol lagi heheh
I m sure, you didn't comment when she did good in cricket, we are in 2017. Soch badlo desh badlo.

Mithali Raj is known for her smart comebacks in response to anyone trying to get her down. I’m pretty sure she’ll have something interesting to say to these losers.

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