Troller Asks Priyanka To Visit Rural India For Social Work And She Shuts Him Up Like A Whiz

Priyanka Chopra recently attended the Toronto International Film Festival where her Sikkimese production ‘Pahuna’ was premiered. She has always been admired for her great work, talent and professionalism in Bollywood, as well as Hollywood and, has stayed away from controversies. Now the actress is in Jordan as the Global Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF, busy with the organization’s drive to educate refugee kids of Syria. A large number of Syrian families were forced to leave their homes after the civil war of 2011 and have been struggling for survival ever since. Some of these have taken shelter in the neighboring country, Jordan, and are leading an underprivileged life there. Priyanka Chopra has been posting updates of her Jordan visit on social media all this while.
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Have a look at some of the tweets by Priyanka Chopra here:

Now the actress is being appreciated for her social work in Syria as well. But it hardly goes well with a social media user who had problems even with Priyanka helping out deprived children of Syria.
On Sunday, Priyanka Chopra had tweeted:

In response to her post, a twitter user @RavindraGautam, in his tweet, requested Priyanka Chopra to turn to the streets of India as well where deprived children are waiting for food. Have a look at his tweet here:

Perhaps, he wasn’t aware of the social work done by Pee Cee in India and was trying to slander her for going to Jordan for social work. But this didn’t go very well with Priyanka who decided to reply to the tweet with this:

Even then this fellow did not believe in stopping his criticism and tweeted:

Ive worked w/ @UNICEFIndia for 12 yrs&visited many such places. What have u done @RavindraGautam_ ?Y is 1 childs prob less imp than another? 
So use it for india too. I am working for poor'a education as I believe education can finish poverty.

And soon, replies starting pouring in supporting Priyanka and disapproving @RavindraGautam. Have a look at some of them here:

Are you that dumb lmaooo. She literally said she worked for 12 years for India and there are freaking videos of that on the internet
Stop embarrassing yourself 😶she an education advocate... she pays for 70 kids in India to be educated ? Do you even know anything about her?
Stop embarrassing yourself 😶she an education advocate... she pays for 70 kids in India to be educated ? Do you even know anything about her?
keep doing that without bashing others, she can't change the whole of India damn it. help others and stop tweeting nonsense
Get some sense. Pointing fingers at others is way easy. Think b4 u speak. Go n see what has she contributed
She is doing more than common human. Yes she is powerful but that doesnt mean u will ask her to do other stuff why can't you do it ?

Start behaving a little maturely. She runs a foundation under her name where she educates the girls and help them to stand on their own feet

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