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September 1, 2017

Health Blogger Reveals Difference Between Real Life & Instagram Posts

Forget Facebook because now Instagram has become our favorite connecting app. But what’s so different and catchy about the app? There’s no doubt guessing why it seems so appealing and catchy. Well, it’s the endless stream of perfect-looking tanned and toned bodies that the app provides us with.

But are the people on Social media as attractive in real life also?

The answer to this question is, no one looks as perfect in real life as they look on social media. And no person dares to reveal the truth behind those staged photos. But surprisingly, one woman has made it her mission to reveal the truth behind the staged photos shared on the social platform.

Fitness blogger saggysara posted a series of photos, revealing the truth behind the staged Instagram photos.

Here very first pic was on today’s youth favorite VACATION PHOTO (or sandy bum). Sara posed the same but alongside the fake one, she posted a real photo as well.

Her next photo’s purpose was to spread the body positive and self-love message

Sara Puhto next posted a real and staged photo in a bikini. She captioned the pic, “I’m sure we’ve all had that feeling where you’re feeling cute at the beach but then you sit down and all of a sudden feel insecure and don’t know how to sit without your tummy feeling odd too exposed. But I realized that I was being silly and ruining my time at the beach and not enjoying it fully just because of this small silly thing. You really shouldn’t feel that way!”

Instagram vs Real life

Angles can also make such a huge difference! Sara captioned the pic, “Nobody’s booty looks round and peachy from all angles. Nobody’s body looks the same from all angles. Life isn’t meant to be a competition on who can look the best and we should normalize not having to “look perfect” all the time because it’s a ridiculous concept.

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