Difference Between Reality And Expectations, # 3 Is So Funny!

All the trials and tribulations of life have taught us that reality and expectations do not match. So what do we do about it? We can either sit and sulk while life passes by or make the best of it. I say take a chill pill and make humor your best friend. It will take us through. So to make your weekend special, here are some pictures that show how different reality is from our expectations.

Summer Break. YaY!

DUCK –FACE SELFIE? She Will Scare Away The Ducks

Party with Friends on Weekends! Welcome To Virtual Weekends

Facebook Determining Our Self Worth And Popularity

It’s Beach Day! Any Ladies on the Floor?

Hugging Your Cute Cat. Not So Cute After All!

Every Woman’s Fantasy : Firemen

Over Estimating Yourself? May be. Who Cares?

This Is How Real Dates Go Not What They Show In The Movies

Most Things Told To You In Your Childhood Is a LIE!

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