9 Funny Expectation Vs Reality Photos… #7 Is Hilarious And Happened To Me Yesterday.

The Phrase” Expect the unexpected” is absolutely true to many things.  For example when we find some beautiful dress online and feel like it will look damn hot on us but later we realize the opposite after getting it. So there is a huge gap between expectations and reality and most of the time we expect something perfect and what we got is something hilarious or horrible!
Internet is loaded with numerous funny pictures where you can sense the gap between expectation and reality. Check out their funny expectations vs reality baby pics that will surely cheer you up.

When we see hot profile pic vs the reality!

Snow Wonderland Vs. Reality Land

This is how we expect or dream and the reality is different

What You dream You Were Doing This Summer

Online Shopping Failures

What You Thought You would look hot In Your New Dress . How actually You Look Like.

Mouth watering order and what you received it diffrent

Cuddling my pet

This is how I cuddle my pet

Exercise reality!

This is exception of most people but they do is in the below pic

Weekends Plans

This is how you plan your weekend and how actually it ended up

Break up reality girls vs boys

Yeah Boys, it is clear that after breakup, you will suffers, not the girl you break up with.

Let's give a glance at cheap and injured tweety

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