16 Pictures Of Fruits That Are Definitely A Pun Intended By Mother Nature

Fruits are healthy for us. But can a random picture of a fruit prove to be fatal? Well, seems nature has its own ways going all punny on us! sometimes, thing go haywire and the final product is a sheer pun intended by nature!
These 16 pictures of fruits are simply ridiculous and make you think things that are too uncomfortable! So, go ahead on your own risk and don’t hate me for these!

1. Take this lemony transformer for a start!

2. Or maybe these conjoined bananas! What’s cooking inside though?

3. Take this if you can handle it.

4. This mutant grape.

5. This horny AF banana!

6. The dented apple that looks miserable.

7. The Threesome Kiwi!

8. The ‘Bisected’ Threesome Kiwi

9. The strawberry that just melted away!

10. This one needs a quick green-head facial mask!

11. This grossly plagued tomato.

12. The pooping orange.

13. The apple that wanted to be a ‘pear’

14. This lemon A-maze-d me!

15. Ewwwww

16. When the ‘umbilical cord’ wasn’t cut in time!

Hurray! You have reached the end of this article. You surely have all the patience in the world!

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