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September 7, 2017

16 People Doing It So Wrong It Hurts

They say, to err is human and to forgive is divine. So true, isn’t it? Nobody is perfect on this earth, and no one deserves to be. We all tend to commit small mistakes or big blunders, and from there our journey starts to learn from our mistakes. However, there are many people around us who never leave a chance to do  the dumbest things and always take things to a whole new level thereby making you feel amazed and amused. 
Here are some exclusive funny images that will make you laugh literally:

Oh Boy! Look at the fashionista!

I feel this girl should be buoyed up. Whoa!!

Eww!! Height of disgust! How someone ever can put up posters like this inside washroom?

How can someone put up just thing inside washroom? Sometimes too much of innovation is harmful.


Party ruined?

Superb Job done in the lawn!

Here another magnificent piece of innovative mind’s creation!

Poor boy!

He’s gonna be pretty disappointed when he would be realizing that whatever he is trying to taste doesn’t savour like his favourite Popsicle. Tempted to do that poor boy!

Keep going man!

When you’re trying really hard to cover up your work with 9 or 8 hours, and don’t wanna give up your dreams to impress the boss. Keep going man!

Brave man! Must say!

He must be regretting why I dared to pick her up without knowing her actual weight. Too heavy, I’m sure for him to lift. Poor guy!

Habit doesn’t change easily.

I have a feeling he must be asked to sleep on floor by his wife long many times. Habit doesn’t change easily.

Uhhhh! Pretty Rude.

This is just so rude and forbidding

Super Smart!

So, this is what happens when you try to act super smart

Isn't that insane?

In good conscience, I don't even know from where to start man! Insane!!


Some people do one thing the best - that is to leave your speechless!

Devoted follower

She really take a leap of faith on Google Maps while exploring unearthed places on this planet. Isn’t that amazing? Have you ever tried doing that?


Oh Yeah! I really wanna feel the way bicycle rider feels when they go out for long distance biking.


He's probably gonna learn everything about what exactly the problem is with white girls. Gonna master the skill and then approach.

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